Mike was a dork the other day and took a pic of me sleeping then put the pic on my phone as my lockscreen.  I did something equally as disturbing and changed his lockscreen a couple times.  I don’t know which is worse – the pic of my face while I’m sleeping or these lovely images:



I love revenge.

Something equally as disturbing was this episode on Judge Judy.  This dude looked fairly calm in the beginning:


Then this happened:


Geesh!  Kinda looks like Peanut:


The weather today was total poopola.  I was supposed to go to Hamilton for a meeting but the roads were too bad.  It would have taken about two hours to get there.  Bummer – I was looking forward to it.  I’m supposed to go tomorrow, but we’ll see how the weather is.  Had to cancel our Recreational Aircraft Association meeting tonight as well.

Back to the awesome animals.  Mya and Abby were spooning on the couch the other day.  How cute is this:


The cuteness continues:



Afterwards, proud little Abby posed for the camera:


Meanwhile, Pinky was chillin with Donkay:


Mike and I were planning on flying somewhere for breakfast this weekend, but the weather sucked then too.  We decided to head over to Walden Galleria in Niagara Falls, NY to look for clothes.  We both needed pants.  Despite the horrible exchange rate on the dollar, I think we still scored pretty big.  I got two pair of jeans for $35 and he got three pair of cargo pants for $65.  Not bad!  Due to the weather and exchange rate, the bridge into the States was pretty bare:


The weekend continued with awesomeness when we went to Cora’s for breakfast on Sunday.  Man, they’re food is so good:


We just chilled with the kittahs and watched movies in the afternoon.  Boo was looking particularly cute that day:


Abby informed us she was cold so we quickly remedied it:


On a final note, how lazy is our society becoming?  Now we don’t even have to drain tuna:


Today’s symptoms: Felt ok energy-wise but had a really bad sinus headache.  Lots of crushing pains in my hands.  Blah.

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