500 Blog Posts!

Wow, I just realized I’ve posted 500 blog posts over the years!  Crazy!

Had a really great week.  Earlier in the week, I was off one afternoon so I went for a flight.  Headed around Niagara for a bit, first over the Welland Canal:


I was surprised to see ice-fisher folks out there.


I headed down the canal all the way to Port Colborne, snapping pics along the way:





Then back up through Welland on my way over to Niagara Falls:


There didn’t seem to be any helicopter traffic while I was flying over the Falls.  Kinda surprising as it was a fairly clear and calm day:


Once back over the St. Catharines Airport, I did a few aerobatics, then headed in for a landing.

Mike and I both took this past Thursday afternoon off and headed to the Falls.  He had never been to the IMAX theatre there, so we bought tickets for the Niagara: Miracles, Myths and Magic show.  It was my tenth time seeing it, and it still gave me goosebumps.  Very good show.  Afterwards, we toured around the Daredevil Museum.  It’s so hard to believe people went over the Falls in these things:



This guy didn’t make it – not the most stable and solid contraption:


We had parked at the Casino, which was conveniently right across the street from the IMAX:



We headed into the Casino and played the slots for about an hour.  I played $40 and came out with $42.


After the Casino, we walked over to the Fallsview Keg for our 4:00 reservation.  I love the view – I never get sick of it:


Perfect view whilst enjoying perfect noms:


Mike and I planned to go to the Reptile Expo in Toronto today, but he wasn’t feeling well.  I headed there myself for a little bit:


It was at the Downsview Park.  I wanted to look for some new food for my Gecko, Peanut:


Had many cute little critters there:




The Crested Gecko is what Peanut is, who still likes to sit on Abby’s head:


I left the show with some food for picky Geckos and I accidentally bought “Big Peanut”


It was a good time.  I just hope little fussy-scales likes his new food!

Today’s symptoms: Actually felt pretty good, for a change.  I had a really busy few days so had to just chill out yesterday and recover – totally worth it though. 

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