Frosty Flight

We weren’t able to go for a flight this weekend as the weather wasn’t too cooperative, but Mike and I did fly to Tillsonburg last weekend for breakfast.  It was actually a pretty decent day – we were so surprised there weren’t more people flying.  On the way there, I let Mike fly Vyctor.  I decided to take this time to clean a couple panels in my cockpit with Mr. Clean Magic Erasers.  I was a little shocked at the yuckiness:


I had most of the interior panels replaced a few years ago.  I guess I really need to scrub down the remaining original panels.  Oops.

Once, in Tillsonburg, we sat down for a rather tasty breakkie.  Mike had a breakfast burrito.  Everything was great, especially the coffee.


It was an equally nice flight on the way home, with very little traffic heard around Hamilton or St. Catharines.


Since we weren’t able to fly this weekend, we had to think of other things to do, such as shop, watch movies and play with the creatures.  Except Boo, she was too comfy and sleepy:


Then little Peanut had a visit with Abby:


Then I had a new little visitor.  A hawk perched on my bathroom window sill.  He was actually there for two days.  I didn’t want to scare him while showering, so both nights I had to sit in the tub to shower.  The things I do for nature!

Another exciting scene was when the intersection next to my apartment was closed off most of the day.  There were so many cops around with police tape everywhere, we figured a pretty big crime had been committed.  Most of the cops were around the opposite side of this white building:


Later that evening, the suspense and curiosity was killing me, so we wandered down to investigate.  We were a tad shocked to see this:


There were two people in that room he drove into – both taken to the hospital. The intersection was closed off for around eight hours for the investigation.

So that’s been the excitement around here lately.  We have a fun afternoon planned this Thursday in Niagara Falls.  Hopefully I’ll have some good bloggage to share afterwards.

Today’s symptoms: Feeling pretty decent.  Been having some pretty bad MS pains in my hands for the last couple weeks, but I think that just goes with the glorious disease.  Nothing else too noteworthy to report, other than the usual fatigue, muscle spasms and headaches.

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