Month: December 2014

Wow, I’ve Been Blogless!

I honestly don’t know why I haven’t done a blog in so long.  I’ve been really down lately and feeling like yuck due to constant bladder infections and crappola MS symptoms.  I seriously hope I don’t lapse like this again.  Please forgiveth me.  ***lowers head in shame***

So, what’s been going on lately you ask?  Let me show you – from awesome flights to my amazing daughters….ahem, kittahs:

Awesome flight for breakfast at Brantford Airport:


Look at how cute Vyctor looks!

And here are some awesome kittahs (albeit a tad naughty):

Pinky looking not as mean as she usually does:


Boo trying to show me that she likes that I served in the Army for eleven years and attempting a salute:


Mya trying to figure out the paw growing out of my bed (notice the Ken doll dressed in a dress in the background):


Just checking Pinky’s tonsils:


Abby being her totally googly self:


Mike and I very happily celebrated out two year anniversary last month.  Here’s the awesome necklace he bought me:


Love it!  Looks like a googly Abby fish.  The server at the restaurant we went to (Cafe Amore) provided this awesome dessert for us:


How cute is that?

Jan and I had our amazing annual trip to Rochester for shopping.  Even though I’m mostly a girl, I absolutely hate buying shoes,  I wore out my last pair to the point that there were dangly bits and holes, so I had to cave and buy a new pair.  I sent Mike a pic of me showing the great new shoesies I was forced to purchase (then tossed the old ones as per my mother demand….errrr….request:


They look kinda granny-frickerish in this pic, but somewhat stylish (or at least tolerable) on my paws.

I was off today and drove to Hamilton for my bi-annual neurologist appointment.  I was just about to pull onto the street of his office when I noticed this amazing parking spot with a “free two hour parking” notice.  I was totally focused on the Canada’s Worst Driver show at that moment – thinking how proud host Andrew Younghusband would be of me.  I did the mostly amazing parallel parking job ever.  I first signaled to the guy behind me that I wasn’t actually turning right at the intersection, but parallel parking at the spot just before it.  I nailed it – mainly out of fear and angst.  Check out the nicely parked Lola Corolla:


Right across the street was my neurologist’s office plus free parking.  My life is perfect (minus the MS and other stuff).

My appointment went well.  On the way home, I went to Antipastos to get Jan’s and my Christmas dinner.  I saw this and realized that Mike’s life wasn’t totally complete.  Once this is purchased, I think it will be:


That would last him at least a month.

So, sorry again I’ve been such a slacker.  Life is still good.  I hope the weather is clear this weekend so I can go up in Vyctor and do some aerobatics – don’t want to get stale.  Plus Vyctor needs his oil shaken, not stirred.

Today’s symptoms: I’m finally starting to feel good after beginning a long-term antibiotic for my constant bladder infection (treated for at least eight since January).  MS symptoms are fairly stable.  This new med I’m on is clearly helping.  Did I mention life is awesome?!