Month: November 2014

My Poor Mother

My mother and aunt went shopping at the Mall of America in Minnesota over the past week.  Last year, Mike and I put up her Christmas tree in the middle of her bedroom while she was gone:


This year we did a Halloween theme:






And our favourite:


She phoned me when she got home today, laughed about her room and then called me a few choice names.  Tee hee!

The day after we fixed up her room, we went for a flight.  I let Mike fly most of the time:


It was a really nice, clear day.

After we left the airport, we headed over to his parent’s place for din-dins.  As usual, Coco stared at me while I was sitting on the couch:


On Saturday night, we saw our first Ice Dogs game at the new Meridian Centre.  It’s so convenient as like the old arena, the new one is also within walking distance of our homes.  The arena is SO nice!  Unfortunately, as with the three games we went to last year, our Doggies lost.


Kinda funny where that kid is pointing in that pic.

Today’s symptoms:  I actually felt pretty good.  I had the day off and was determined to stay in a clean and sort.  Got tons done.  Quite pooped now but it was worth it – very productive day.