Month: October 2014

Hey – Remember Me?!?

Yup, I’m a big slacker.  Like I mentioned in my last blog entry, I’ve felt pretty lousy lately, which has got me a bit down, which has caused me to lose interest in things.  I’m glad to say I’m feeling better – my kidney infection seems to be totally gone.  I’m still a bit weaker than normal but it’s getting better every day.

I also mentioned in my last blog that my little Mya may have to go back to have another tooth remove, as her lower canine was going through her cheek after her upper canine was removed a week earlier.  It was so hard to bring her back to the vet and put her through that surgery again, but there was no way she could live like that.  I was quite stressed all day and was so relieved when they called and said everything went well.  I was allowed to go to the vet’s office and be with Mya while she was in recovery.  It was really hard to see her so drugged:


She couldn’t even lift her adorable tiny head up and her front legs were completely spread.  I basically had my head resting next to her for about an hour as she came to.  Once home, she started to get very agitated and ran around non-stop, falling over occasionally.  I decided she would be safest locked in the bedroom, so there was less for her to jump up on and possibly fall.  It was Friday and Mike and I normally get fish and chips from the Legion less than a block away.  He ran over and got the noms, and we both ate on the floor in the bedroom while Mya continued to run around.  She even walked through my food at one point:


Fortunately, she is fully recovered now and back to her normal, adorable self.  Mya is back to eating normally (both wet and dry food) – I’m kinda hoping she gains a little weight.


On a sad note, my little fishy, McCordelia, took her own life a couple weeks ago.  There is a very small hole in tank where I put the feed through.  She managed to jump out that little hole and onto the floor.  RIP.  The next day, I rescued another betta fish from those little cups in the pet store.  Please meet McOthello:


Back to good news – my plane Vyctor had his annual medical inspection and everything is good.  I saw him out on the ramp (without his pants) via the Flying Club camera:


It’s always so weird to see his spindle-struts once my mechanic removes his wheel pants for the winter. This is done so if I land on snow, it doesn’t go up into the pants and mess with the brakes.

On a final note, there was a fly on the ceiling in my bedroom while all of my cats were there.  The resulting pics are rather amusing:





As usual, Abby was the one that caught it.  Kinda glad I got it away from her before she ate it.  Yuckaroos.

Today’s symptoms: A little weary but definitely feeling better than I have over the last few weeks, so no complaints!  So glad that things are improving and my mood is picking up. 

Fiddle Sticks

Yet again, I’m all behind on my blogging.  I haven’t been feeling well lately and have lost interest in things.  I guess I’m getting a tad down.  My bladder infection is back again (I think this is number 9 since February) and with the lower back pain this one is causing, it may have spread to my kidneys.  It seems with each infection I get, the more weak I become and the longer it lasts.  Not too sure what to do anymore.  I see my urologist next week and I’m really hoping he can help me.

I’m happy to report that little Mya is healing well from her tooth extraction surgery.


The only part that is worrying me is that her little fluffy cheek is getting caught on her bottom tooth:


She’s looking a tad snarly now.  I was hoping it was just due to the swelling, but it still seems to be happening since the swelling went down.  I’ll have to see what the vet says tomorrow.  Paws crossed.

A week after her surgery, she was allowed to have dry food again.  All four of the goobers were thrilled when that food came back out:


The two speckled kitties, Boo and Abby, had quite the sleep after their noms.  Not too sure why Boo put her paw on Abby’s head:


Last weekend was the Grape and Wine Festival in St. Catharines.  Mike and I wandered downtown for breakkie then watched a little bit of the parade.  One of the first items in the parade was this cute little remote controlled ambulance.  Since my mother is tiny, Mike and I decided it should be called a Janbulance.


The winning float in the parade was for Brock University’s 50th anniversary:


I used to be in the E.L. Crossley Marching Band in high school as a drummer.  I’m surprised how much smaller the parades are now than back when I was in them.

I started my new MS treatment medication last week.  Gilenya is a once a day pill.  For the first dose, I had to stay in a clinic for monitoring for at least six hours.  The nurse had to take my blood pressure every thirty minutes then an ECG at the end of the six hours.  Here goes the first dose:


The nurse was really nice and we chatted a good portion of the time I was there.  I also brought the log books for my airplane and got those all up to date.  The time went by fairly quickly with no major side effects.  I think one of the best parts was when the nurse gave me an awesome cuppy cake:



I’ve been a little nervous about this weekend.  For my mother’s birthday, I got her a seat on the CAA bus tour to St. Jacobs.  Mike hadn’t been there before and he joined us.  The reason I was nervous was because the bladder infection made me so weak over the last few days.  I wasn’t sure if I was going to make it a full day, walking around the market and town.  It was a little rough, especially going into the afternoon, but I made it.

Our first stop was at the market.  We hit the outlet mall across the street and sat down for a coffee and some treats.  We toasted our trip with some zucchini bread:


We were a little rushed through the market, but did end up making a few purchases.  At 11:15, we got on the bus to head over to the town.  We spent a couple hours touring around the shops, then went to the amazing Stone Crock for a late lunch.  It is hands down the best buffet I’ve ever been to.  Their food is incredible:


We were surprised that there wasn’t too much time left to go to the rest of the stores in the town.  We actually missed quite a few of them.  It was still a great trip.

Today’s symptoms: Feeling really lousy.  My bladder infection is a bit worse and I’m quite wiped out and weak from the long but awesome day yesterday (St. Jacobs).  I really feel run down and all of my usual MS symptoms (sharp pains all over, sensitive skin, headache, etc.) are quite a bit worse.  Blah.