I Love Jann Arden

Last week I took Mike to his first ever concert.  We went to see the awesome Jann Arden at Hamilton Place.  I’ve seen her there twice before.  We had great seats, about ten rows from the stage.  A friend from work was there as well, so we were texting and waving at each other prior to the show starting.  At one point, Jann came out into the audience to perform a song.  She was just a few rows behind us:


She sounded amazing, as usual, as did the rest of her band, including the awesome Allison Cornell:


We both had a great time at the concert.  I would certainly go back to see her for a fourth time!

The next day (Friday), Mike and I left for camping again at Long Point.  We were able to borrow his uncle’s trailer again, which was so nice.  As the last two times we were there, we picked the same camp site.  We were actually surprised to see how many people were there camping that weekend, especially since the weather was getting so much cooler.  Still, it was quite quiet and the weather wasn’t too bad, minus the wind, which was great for kite flying:


The first night, we cooked up some weenies (mine was trying to nom his):


And coconut marshmallows:


On Monday, we went into the town of Port Rowan on the way home.  We visited our favourite restaurant, the Sunrise Cafe.  Mike got his usual hamburger with egg and bacon:


And I got the BBQ chicken sandwich.  We split a large order of poutine:


SO good, as was the whole trip.  Really looking forward to going back in May!

On Tuesday, I had to take little Mya to the vet for some pre-surgery blood work.  The vet determined last week that she needed at least two more teeth pulled (eleven were removed a few years ago).  She wasn’t too happy with the blood work, but we got through it.  Here she is once we got home.  Fortunately, I was able to remove the bandage soon after leaving the vet’s office:


Her surgery was today and needless to say, I was a nervous wreck all day.  I was very relieved when I called after 2:30 and heard she was out of surgery and doing well.  I had to remove another bandage after getting her home:


Since being home, she has hardly stopped moving.  I’ve been chasing her everywhere as her balance is off due to the meds.  I don’t want her to jump up on anything and fall over.  She’s finally starting to settle down a bit.  I’m so hopeful she sleeps well tonight.  I know this surgery is going to make her feel so much better in a few days.

Today’s symptoms: Not feeling too well at all today.  I’ve been dealing with much worse than “normal” fatigue over the last few days.  It’s almost as if I’ve picked up a bug or something because I feel so run down.  I hope Mya and I feel much better soon!

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