COPA Flight For Kids

Had an amazing weekend.  I was asked to help out with the COPA Flight For Kids today up in Lindsay (North East of Toronto).  Mike and I headed to the St. Catharines Airport for 8:00 this morning.  We then headed out on our very nice, calm flight to Kawartha Lakes Airport.  As always, we really enjoyed the flight through Toronto:


The CN Tower, looking awesome as usual:


You can see the Edge Walkers in red, dangling off the right side of the platform.  I did the walk a couple years ago.  Quite fun!

We breezed through Toronto then up to Lindsay.  We joined the circuit and followed another plane in, with two on my tail:


Very nice flight in and there was quite the crowd of kids, waiting to go for a flight.


Soon after landing, I had my pilot briefing.  It was technically at 8:00 for the pilots, but we had over an hour flight to get there (of all the pilots, we had the furthest flight).  So, they were very accommodating and gave me a personal briefing plus got us a couple flights before lunch.


Before going up, the Orang Medical helicopter landed to transport a patient to an awaiting ambulance.  Before heading out again, I chatted with one of the pilots and he said we could go over and check out their chopper.  I was kinda excited to touch it:


Mike stayed on the ground and chatted with folks while I did two flights:


I had two great kids fly with me today.  Both really seemed to enjoy the flight.  I think there were 104 kids that went up for flights.  Sweet!

Heading back, we had to watch for quite a bit of traffic going through Toronto.  Had to descend and ascend as instructed by the tower folks, to avoid other planes and a helicopter.

Great flight back – perfect day.  I’m still smiling!

Back home, we relaxed for the rest of the day, as we were both quite pooped.  The kittahs were certainly very energetic and ready to play.  Little Abby got a little possessive of the one toy Mike was tossing at her.  She wasn’t giving it over to Pinky, no matter how hard she stared:


Abby’s face was quite determined, and very cute!

photo 1

Life is good!

Today’s symptoms: Had a great day symptom-wise today.  Only a slight headache, which is very rare, plus my energy was higher than it’s been in a while!

One thought on “COPA Flight For Kids

  1. Hey Elizabeth, glad to here you feeling well.. As for the other… the flights and all that traffic..!! Sounds like ton-o-fun..!! 🙂

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