Airport Fest

The weather wasn’t too great this weekend but Airport Fest was still on.  It was really windy Saturday morning and raining on and off.  There were supposed to be about five or six planes flying in from other airports to display their planes, but had to cancel due to the forecast storms in the afternoon. Mike and I headed to the St. Catharines airport around 10:30 and taxied my plane over to the display area on the ramp.  Despite the weather, there was a good turn out.  Just about every kid there said “There’s Dusty Crophopper!” (from the Disney Planes movie) when they saw my plane.  They were really excited to sit in it too:


They also liked the rubber chicken hanging off my pitot static tube:


Also on display were a couple of our Recreational Aircraft Association member’s airplanes, a couple Harvards and two Trojans, which did a nice fly by:


There was also a photographer from Snap magazine wandering around.  He “snapped” this pic of Vyctor and I:


Unfortunately, the heavy rain came in around 2:30 and we had to end the outdoor portion of Airport Fest.  It was supposed to go until 5:00.  Oh well, at least we had a few good hours.

Due to the airport commitment, we missed the birthday party for Mike’s niece Rowan.  We went to their home last Wednesday to bring her pressies and also see their one son’s last t-ball game.  Here she is opening our gifty:


You can see the other pressie on the table – an educational airplane.  We also got her the cutest shirt ever.  I really wish they had it in my size too:


I would so wear that!

What we did miss by not being at the party was her mother’s amazing Alice in Wonderland cakes.  Here’s the before pic:


And here’s the after:


Tee hee!

On Sunday morning, I had to go to the walk-in clinic yet again for my eighth bladder infection since January.  Ugh!  I was feeling quite weak that day so Mike and I just chilled at my place.  We got out the laser pointer for the kittahs:


Then Mike caught an Abby with one of their toys:


Then we watched a movie with all four of them on us:


At home from work yesterday (still feeling very weak from the infection), I heard a short screech of brakes then heard a metal crunching slam.  I ran out to the balcony and saw the aftermath of an accident.  I got on the phone and called 911.  It didn’t look like anyone was hurt, plus there were quite a few people running over to the folks in the cars.  The speed of the emergency folks was pretty impressive  They were all there within minutes of my call (and I’m sure there were at least a few other calls):


Within twenty minutes of the actual crash, they had the vehicle off the road and the emergency folks (minus one cop) were all gone.  Very efficient!

Today’s symptoms: Still feeling very weak and all around blah from this infection.  The doctor said that I should go get an ultrasound of my bladder.  I told him I’ve had two plus two cystoscopes in the last few months.  I also take on a daily basis cranberry juice (also known in Lizzyland as Bladder Sauce), D-Mannose, garlic pills, acidophilus, apple cider vinegar, vitamin C and vitamin D.  Pretty much everything I know of to reduce the frequency of bladder infections.  Not working for me though!  Going to start feeling better tomorrow – looking forward to it!


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