Classy Lady

I took some vacation last Thursday and met up with some friends from work (two retired) for lunch at Bistro 61 in Niagara-On-The-Lake.  Had a bit of a hard time finding parking, which HAD to be free.  After driving around the block, I think I found the last free spot in the area.  Mind you, people probably didn’t want to park there because of the post.  Wusses:


Great restaurant – my first time there.  We had a nice visit and were able to get caught up on everything:


Got home and let the four naked ladies out on the balcony for a little sun:


Glad they were all happy.  I wish I could have said the same about my little Betta fish, McMortimer.  He was starting to go downhill for a few days.  He finally passed away.  Just like my previous Bettas (Guido, McGuildenstern, McRosenkrantz) he was buried in my mother’s garden.  I wrapped him up neatly and kept him in the freezer until I met up with Jan:


The next day, I “rescued” a new Betta.  I’ve only had males in the past but decided to get a female this time.  I usually get the one that isn’t the most eye-catching, just out of pity.  So, without further adieu, please meet McCordelia:


The cats knew right away that it was a new fish:


Ok guys, move over – it’s my turn to look:


As for the weekend, it was quite good.  Mike and I were going to fly up to Edenvale on Saturday, but I wasn’t feeling quite well enough to go that far.  We decided to fly to Tillsonburg for breakfast instead.  Part way through the flight, Mike decided to play a game on his iPhone:


Nothing like enjoying the view!

We had a great meal at the restaurant in the terminal building of the airport:


Back safe and sound in CYSN:


Unfortunately for kitties when we got back, it was bath time:


All four had a cleaning this time including little princess Mya:


They were not amused but quickly got over it.  Mind you, Abby may have become possessed during her bath.  Not sure what pose this is supposed to be:


For dinner that night, Mike got us some tasty noms from Wendy’s.  I set the straw for his pop on the table while we got things ready in the kitchen.  We came out and the straw was gone.  I just figured that I didn’t actually put it out, so I got him another one.  After dinner, I put some stuff in the recycling bin on the balcony and voila!  There’s Mike’s straw


Boo’s so naughty.  I don’t know how many things she’s dropped down the space on the floor by the railing, down to the 9th floor.  Geesh.

I was able to go for another flight last night.  We had our monthly RAA meeting at the Welland Airport.  Like a true classy lady, I climbed up on Vyctor to check the fuel before we left:


The weather wasn’t the greatest but it was certainly flyable.  Hoping it’s nice on Saturday for Airport Fest at the St. Catharines Airport!


Today’s symptoms: Feeling rather fatigued but I’m still dealing with a bladder infection.  What else is new?!  I’ve had a pretty bad headache for going on the last week as well.  Other than that, things are pretty much status quo.

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