Pinky’s Got Her Groove Back

Well it happened again – little Pinky got quite sick.  Last time she was ill, the vet wanted me to get a urine sample.  The next morning, I woke up around 5:00am to use the washroom.  Pinky got up too and went into the spare room with the litter boxes.  I actually waited with her for over two hours, both of us locked in the room, until she finally peed!  Mike drove me to emergency vet clinic to drop off the sample.  Pinky actually did much better that day and wasn’t sick once.  The vet called later in the day to say the results were normal.  Fortunately, she hasn’t been sick since, and she’s back to her cute little pink self:

photo 1

photo 3

It’s been a good long weekend.  Mike and I went to iHop for breakfast/lunch today.  Since we were going flying later, Donkay joined me as he usually does for flights. 

photo 4

The waitress came by and yelled “It’s DONKAY!”  It was so funny – really quiet in the restaurant at the time too.  It was kinda nice that she called him by the right name, as usually people say Eeyore or just donkey. 

After the great noms, we headed to the airport.  I wanted to fly us over the Lake Erie shoreline to check out all the folks on the beach.


We also saw this interesting scene – there’s a massive iPhone submerged just off the shore, as you can see in the bottom left of this pic:


Yet another amazing natural formation in Niagara!

We also saw this awesome boat:


We also flew over the new outlet mall in Niagara-On-The-Lake.  We were just there the day before but it was just a tad busier today:


Great flight, perfect weekend!

Today’s symptoms: Feeling pretty good today but had a really bad headache.  A few more aches and pains all over than “normal” and feeling a tad nauseous this evening.

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