MS Golf Tourney

Yesterday was the annual Fred Legg Memorial Golf Tournament for MS at the Whisky Run Golf course in Port Colborne.  It was quite overcast but the weather was good enough to fly over the start of the tourney.  Everything timing-wise worked out perfectly and I was able to do some aerobatics for everyone as soon as I got over the golf course.  Then I got some decent pics of folks heading out:




The flight went really well.  Got to see lots of people looking up and waving at me before I headed back to St. Catharines.


That evening, Mike and I drove out to the golf course and had an awesome dinner with everyone:


I met up with a friend from work who volunteered that day.  She had to leave early so she gave me her tickets from the penny sale.  She won a lot!


It was quite the struggle to get everything up into my apartment:


She owes me!  Tee hee.

I turned the bed down that evening, which the kitties took full advantage of:


They’re so cute.  Check out this little interaction between Mya and Abby:


Isn’t it wonderful when everyone gets along?  It’s like the beautiful friendship between Lil Jan and Donkay:


I’m pretty sure she didn’t mean the things she said to me when I posed him there.

Today’s symptoms: Very fatigued today.  It’s been a busy few days and I think it took its toll.  Worth it though.  As usual with the fatigue, my aches and pains are typically worse too.

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