Birthday Jan

Yesterday was my cute, little mother’s birthday.  Mike and I headed down to her place to take her out for dinner at the Lazy Loon in Fonthill.  Jan and I have been dining there for many years – their food is so good.  They recently renovated and the restaurant looked amazing.  After our nomtacular meals, we split their perfect bread pudding and a gingerbread and caramel dish:


After that, Jan decided to finish her drink with a spoon:


She’s a little weird.  Might be where I get some of it from.

I paid the bill, after making a slight correction:


Back at Jan’s, she opened her pressies from Mike and I.  One is a trip to St. Jacob’s in October on the CAA bus tour.  We’ve been quite a few times in the past and always have a great time. 

Back at my place, Boo heard that it was grandma’s birthday so she dressed up for her and asked me to send the picture:



I was quite happy about the perfect weather today.  I took a friend up for a flight over to Brockport, NY.  We didn’t have to worry about customs or anything as we didn’t land there.


Over Fort Niagara on the US side:


Back home, I gave three of the four kittahs a bath (princess Mya rarely needs one).  They really dislike baths, especially the drying part at the end:


I distracted Boo (so easy to do!) with a ribbon just before taking her to the sink of doom:



Afterwards, little Abby slept out on the chair on the balcony.  Fortunately, under a blanket so she didn’t get sun burned:


Life is good!

Today’s symptoms: Feeling pretty good today.  My bladder infection seems to be gone and I’m getting more energy back. 

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