Sick Pinky :-(

Poor little Pinky hasn’t been feeling too well lately.  She has been sick to her stomach quite a bit over the last few days, with it getting fairly bad last night.  This morning, she was looking really pale and it was obvious she was dehydrated, as she couldn’t even keep down water.  Mike came over.  Then I phoned the vet at 8:00 this morning.  They said there were no vets in the office until the afternoon, so they referred me to the Veterinary Emergency Clinic.  Mike drove us down there to get little Pinky checked out.  The one technician was pretty excited to see a sphynx, since she just adopted one herself.  Her kitty is adorable, as you can see:

photo 3

She gathered some info on Pinky before the vet came in.  Pinky was not too happy at this point:

photo 1

Everyone was so great there – very nice to speak to, really made us feel at ease and were not pushy at all.  The vet suggested blood work and x-rays.  We decided on the blood work and would do the x-rays if anything came back abnormal.  I was relieved to hear that everything was looking good, just some slightly off levels due to her dehydration.  They gave her some fluids, a shot of anti-nausea medication and shot of prednisone.  Once that was done, we headed back home.  Pinky was very good in the car.  She actually appears just a tad googly in this picture:

photo 2

Once back home, Pinky wandered around a bit then headed back into the cat carrier.  I put a heating pad in there, plus covered it up a bit:  She stayed there all day:

photo 4

The other kitties came by once in a while to check on her:

photo 5

Since she hasn’t got up at all, I’ve been regularly bringing her a little water to drink:


I hope to see a big improvement in her tomorrow!

All the other freaks have been their typical selves – like googly Abby:


And Boo trying to turn her head inside-out:


Then there’s big (although very tiny) bully Mya who likes to stand on other kitties in order to take their warm spot:


But gets really ticked off if the other kitty pushes her away:


More Pinky updates to follow.  Paws crossed for a quick recovery!

Today’s symptoms: Seem to be getting over this latest bladder infection.  I think six in less than six months is more than enough and I’m not going to have another one for a long time.  Enough of this silliness!

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