Not-So-Great News

As you probably read in my previous blogs, I seem to be plagued with infections.  I just ended a round of antibiotics for my last bladder infection last week and within days of my last pill, it started again.  I phoned the MS clinic at McMaster and spoke to a nurse.  She suggested I phone my neurologist.  Our fear was that the infections were caused by my MS treatment (Tysabri).  I’ve been on it for over three years and it seems to be working well for me, minus the infections.  My neurologist suggested due to these chronic bladder and sinus infections, I should stop Tysabri for at least two months.  If the infections lessen or disappear (paws crossed!) over the next two months, then it was likely the Tysabri  that caused or at lease contributed to them.  I’m certainly not dissing the drug – it’s been a life-saver to so many people and I have had very few issues while on it over the years.  So, hearing this news from my neurologist was a little stressful.  Fortunately, there are a couple oral meds on the market that I can switch to, even though they are not quite as effective as Tysabri.  The next medication will be my fourth MS treatment.

On a brighter note, I was actually feeling pretty decent on Saturday.  That combined with the nice weather only meant one thing – flight! 

I let my friend at the Flying Club know we were coming, and he got my plane all clean for us – so awesome!


I flew Mike and I out to a fly-in BBQ at Huron Park Airport in Centralia. 



As soon as we walked into the hangar, we were greeted by a really cute kid who offered us cake!  Best welcome ever!  Then a girl who appeared to be his older sister offered us our choice of beverage.  It was so nice!  We got our drinks and food and sat down to nom:


After good food and chatting with some really nice folks, we headed out. 


I was told by a friend that there were tall ships in the nearby town Bayfield.  It was only about a ten minute flight so we decided to head over and check them out.



It was a nice flight back to St. Catharines, passing some joyous windmills on the way:


We also passed the water park just off the QEW near (or in) Grimsby:


Then back to St. Catharines for a landing:


It was a nice flight – I always love going to airports I’ve never been to before.

I mentioned in a previous blog (with photo) that Pinky is desperate to still lay on the cable box, which I tried to raise so the kitties couldn’t fit.  Yet again, she smushed herself on top of it – well, most of her:



Today’s symptoms: Feeling somewhat poopy dealing with yet another bladder infection and still the sinus infection.  Hopefully the antibiotics kick in very soon.  Also a little down for having to go off of my MS treatment, but we’ll figure out something that will work for moi!

3 thoughts on “Not-So-Great News

  1. Hey Elizabeth.!!
    Once again it was really nice to finally meet you there a few weeks ago. And Mike and Vyctor too…! And I’m looking forward to getting together for more than just a chat, but dinner and definitely a flight… 🙂
    Sorry those continuous infections, keep haunting you.. but I trust there is something out there for you that will work..
    But I must comment one one thing… your cat sleeping on your receiver… those things need air flow to stay cool.
    . I hope your kitty doesn’t cause an overheating issue that either damages your receiver or worse, starts a fire… just say’n…
    Take care my friend..! Hope to see you again real soon…!!

    1. It was so great to finally meet you too, Tim! I can’t wait to meet up again. We’ll certainly have to go up for a flight.
      No worries, the receiver is still well vented. It’s now totally blocked off so Gumby Pinky can’t get up on it again. Meow!

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