My Proud Mother

I wish I had more to report on this blog.  However, since I’ve been feeling rather lousy lately, I haven’t done too much.  I’ve been trying to fight this bladder infection the o’natural way, however it didn’t work.  I ended up going to the clinic on Friday and got a prescription for an antibiotic.  I was kinda hoping he would give me Cipro as it would treat both the sinus and bladder infections.  However, he gave me Macrobid which is only for bladder infections.  Oh well.  I’m surprised that it hasn’t helped too much yet.  I’m still really fatigued and tired and have been having to take one to two hour naps for the last few days.  At least the kitties were kind enough to keep me company, especially Abby who often sat on my shoulder and arm while I was laying down:


And then there was Mya, who has started chewing on my hair some nights:


Mike and I spent this past weekend just chilling and watching tv and movies, plus playing Call of Duty: Ghosts on xBox. He was also kind enough to help me hang my new shelves by my front door.  I have a small pewter fantasy character collection and have really been hoping to display it again.  These shelves I bought recently were perfect:

photo 1

I had a barometer thing hanging there before.  We tried to find a new place for it – needless to say, the first spot I found (stuck in my kitchen light) didn’t quite work:

photo 2

I figured other things around here look weird, so why not my decor?  Little Boo actually helps with decorating sometimes.  She likes to run around the apartment with her pipe cleaners.  I guess when she brings them near the dining room, the food distracts her so she drops them to eat.  Doesn’t typically remember to take them elsewhere after she noms:


She’s so weird:


This weekend, my friend from work had the back of her garage painted, which is totally visible from the trail behind their house.  It looks awesome:

photo 3

Jan and I had one of our typical conversations over text the other night.  I told her I was kinda excited to capture a short clip from a COPS episode that I liked.  Here was her response (I’m in green):


Tee hee! 

Just so you know, I added a few videos on my website video page.  One is of Mike and I zip lining when we went camping a few weeks ago.  The zip line in this video was close to the area where they do the initial training.  The guides told us to scream at the top of our lungs to try and freak out the people doing the training close by.  Clearly, Mike and I were successful, as you will hear! 

Today’s symptoms: Still very tired, fatigued and achy.  Hoping tomorrow will be much better and this infection is finally leaving the premises!

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