Just Lounging Around

The heat is really picking up.  As usual, as soon as I get home from work, Pinky goes running over to the balcony door.  I let her out for a bit – not too long or she’ll get sunburned:


The other goofs wander out there too, sometimes, but not as much as Pinky.  Boo’s favourite spot is in the bedroom, usually snuggled near or with Donkay:

photo 5

When I took that pic, Mya was clearly too tired to care about how cute her sister looked:

photo 2

Three of the four goobers needed a bath yesterday.  With no fur, oil accumulates on their skin, more so in the heat.  For some reason, little princess Mya doesn’t have this problem to the same extent.  I wanted to admire Abby’s clean belly after her bath – she was not amused:

photo 1

I was hoping to fly over the Canada Day fireworks around Niagara last night, but wasn’t feeling up to it.  My stinkin bladder infection is back.  I’m really going to try and fight it off more naturally than with antibiotics.  I’ve already been on them three times in a six month period recently, and I don’t want my already rickety bod to start becoming immune to them.  Plus, they throw off my Tysarbi schedule, as I cannot have the infusion during or a week after the antibiotics.  So, I’ve been drinking tons of water, cranberry juice and pills, D-Mannose and apple cider vinegar.  Just in the last day, it already seems to be improving a bit.  Paws crossed!  Speaking of paws, Mya was rather interested in watching the fireworks from my bedroom window:


Had a decent show just North of us:


Then Donkay had to check out the action:


Yup, another joyous day in my lovely household.

Today’s symptoms:  Still have a bit of the sinus infection lingering, plus dealing with the bladder infection, which always completely wipes me out.  Very fatigued today with average aches and pains plus a somewhat worse than “normal” headache.

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