Zombie Kittah

The kitties wanted to go out on the balcony (screened in – no worries!) to enjoy the heat and sun.  I heard some weird noises so went out to investigate.  Pinky was looking at me really funny so I picked her up to see what was wrong.  That’s when it happened – she let out a ferocious hiss and flashed a pair of huge vampire-ish fangs at me.  I jumped back with fear as she leapt from my arms.  Boo let a a fearful meow so I quickly ran over and grabbed her.  Pinky lunged at us so I shielded Boo.  She then sank her fangs into my neck:


Somehow she turned into some sort of vampire type zombie thing.  Fortunately for me, the effects were short lived and I regained consciousness about an hour later.  Pinky seems back to normal – Boo actually doesn’t seem traumatized at all.  Was I just dreaming?

photo 3

Little Pinky actually looks more cute and innocent than before the “incident”:

photo 4

I think I need to lay off the spooky movies for a bit…

Last week, I had my Tysabri infusion after almost a two month hiatus.

photo 11

I had to go off of the monthly medication as I was having a bit of a flare-up and my neurologist needed to first rule out any side effects from the medication, such as PML.  I was quite glad to find out everything was all good and I could go back on the med.  As much as I don’t like having the infusion (always feel rather yucky for a couple days after), but as long as it’s doing what it’s supposed to!  I was actually hoping to feel better than I usually do after the infusion the next day, so Mike and I could fly up to Edenvale for breakfast.  Didn’t happen though.  I felt well enough to head over to Cora’s for breakkie, which was awesome as usual:

photo 2

Afterwards, we headed back to my place and just chilled for the rest of the day so I could recover.

Thankfully, I’m feeling much better now despite a sinus infection that started a few days ago.  Tomorrow, I will be flying over the golf tournament my office is holding.  I was just going to take a couple hours off to do the flight, but I think I’m going to be a rebel and take the whole day off.  I have some highly joyous things to do around the apartment when I get back, such as clean windows and the floors.  Please, try and control your jealousy.

Today’s symptoms: Actually felt fairly well today, after a bad day yesterday.  A rather bad headache due to the sinus infection plus some extra body aches and pains.  I plan on beating the bout of insomnia I’m experiencing and waking up tomorrow feeling all bright eyed and bushy haired.

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