Vyctor’s Famous!

I’m rather excited about today’s post.  I mentioned in a previous blog that Mike and I flew up to Barrie for some air to air photos we won during last year’s 99’s Bingo Run.  The photo was taken by Peter Lubig.  He was kind enough to write an article for Canadian Aviator magazine on me having MS and being a pilot.  Of course, the star of the article was Vyctor.


Mike was kind enough to pick up the magazine for me today!  I was so shocked to see Vyctor on the front page.



If you would like to see the article online, you can check it out HERE.  It was very well written – Peter did a great job!

I had a friend email the other day stating he received his copy of the magazine.  He commented on my tattoo.  What?  How did that get in there?


Oh right, I flashed it to Peter before taking off for our air to air photo.  Tee hee!


Wow!  I still can’t believe how many pages the article is and the size of the pics!  So there you have it, Vyctor is famous!

Today’s symptoms:  I had a really long but awesome day yesterday so I’m kinda paying for it today – totally worth it though!  Really bad crushing pains in my paws and and much worse than normal headache.  Fatigue is pretty bad but it’ll be better tomorrow!

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