Altered Kitties

Mike and I both really like that Pharrell Williams song, Happy.  Mind you, whenever we hear it, we change the lyrics to “I’m Abby!”  Yes, we’re weird.  Ok, maybe weird to describe me isn’t a strong enough word.  Here’s the album art for the song:


I may have tweaked the title and pic a little:


Just to divert the “weirdness” attention from me a little, look at little Mya emerging from under the couch:


AND, even WAY more weird than me is this joyous little story.  My mother called me up the other night and just said she had quite the ordeal.  Like me, she rather dislikes spiders.  Well she went down into the kitchen at dusk with no light on.  She looked down and noticed this massive spider!  Yuck!  It was so big that even using a can of Raid (which she keeps one of in every room of the house) probably wouldn’t kill it before it took off.  She decided to run and grab a shoe out of the closet.  She was actually rather surprised to see that the spider hadn’t moved when she ran back into the kitchen.  Poor thing didn’t have a chance – she pounded the dickens out of it.  Once she was able to catch her breath, she noticed that there were no spider bits anywhere.  Actually, it looked exactly the same as before she whacked it.  Turning the kitchen light on, she discovered why – it wasn’t a spider but the top off of the tomato she had with her dinner earlier!  Tee hee – what a cute little dork!

I guess I better take back the weird spotlight.  Mike asked me to send him the pics of Boo and Pinky, sitting together:


In the second shot, Boo turned to look at Pinky as if she just did a little toot-a-roo under the blanket.  Again, I may have altered the pic just a little:

Pinky Fart

I guess I better stop or my blog readers may have mildly disturbing dreams….sorry!

Today’s symptoms:  Had a few nights of insomnia, so really feeling it today.  Very fatigued, bad aches and pains all over (always much worse the more fatigued I am) plus a pretty bad headache.  I’m going to take some Sleepy-time Tea tonight plus a sleep aid, hoping that will help.

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