Still Up At 2:00am

Had an amazing weekend.  Mike and I went to see Edge of Tomorrow at the theatre on Saturday.  It was really good and we would both recommend it.  On the way back from the show, we stopped in at Giant Tiger to get some tuna that was on sale.  I really love tuna and have never seen Ocean’s brand for only $1 before, so I picked up ten cans.  That was all I went in there to buy so did not get a cart to carry them.  There was a cute, older woman in line in front of me.  I was still holding the stacks of cans as there was not enough room on the conveyor belt to set them down.  The belt moved forward so I went to put the cans down when I had a rather sharp but brief MS-related spasm in my left arm.  Well, that sent those cans just a’flying!  I was so worried that one was going to hit the woman, they all missed her.  The way I was years ago, this event would have made me extremely embarrassed.  It didn’t at all though – I just said that was really bad timing for a spasm – just a slight medical issue!

On Sunday, we went to a fly-in at the Guelph Airport.  I don’t know why I have never flown there before.  Anyway, we had to fly to Welland first to get fuel as the fuel truck in St. Catharines was out of  service.  After a quick stop, we headed west to Guelph.  There is no tower there so you basically talk to the other planes in the area, tell them where you are and where you’re going.  I got into the circuit and turned the base leg.  I noticed there was a plane at the threshold of the runway, ready for take off.  Lots of time since I still had to turn final.  Well, I did turn final and dude was still there.  I announced twice that I was on final, plus there was another plane behind me.  I started doing some S turns to give the guy time to take off.  I could no believe he sat there that long.  I thought I was going to have to overshoot the runway, but was also thinking that clearly this guy wasn’t too bright, so what if I declare an overshoot and he still takes off?  Fortunately, he finally took off and I was able to land safe and sound.  I got off the runway onto the taxiway as soon as possible (as you’re supposed to do).  Apparently the guy behind me kept going all the way to the end of the runway once he landed.  The guy behind him therefore would not be able to land on a clear runway so he did an overshoot.  He was quite ticked off as he radioed the plane that caused him to overshoot and yelled to get off the runway next time.  Geesh!  I was quite glad to get parked after that:


We were both rather hungry so we grabbed a burger from the BBQ.  The only seats were in the sun, and since we’re both the colour of bleached socks, we searched for shade.  The only shade available was under the wings of Vyctor, so that’s where we sat and nommed:


Really delicious burgers, by the way:


After our awesome food, we checked out the rest of the planes at the event, then headed back to Vyc.  During the flight home, we decided to go see yet another movie.  So, we landed then drove over to the cinema at the PEN Centre.  I really wanted to see The Fault In Our Stars.  After seeing the trailer, I knew I was going to be just a tad emotional.  I thought I would be safe with four Kleenex.  Nope.  I soaked through those bad boys and half a serviette.  I’m glad the movie didn’t go any longer at that point, because I was about to take off my sock to use.  Wow.  Absolutely amazing movie.  Mike really liked it too.

Even though I was really exhausted, we went to the Target store on the other side of the mall, which was closing.  We had to walk out of the mall and into Target via the external doors to get in.  Walking back to the other end of the mall was kinda eerie, as we were the only ones there:


It was a perfect weekend, but I think I may have done a tad too much.  I was physically pooped and emotionally drained from the movie.  I was in bed by 9:30.  I fell asleep after 11:00 but was up a couple hours later.  That’s when things weren’t so fun anymore.  When I am super exhausted and extremely fatigued, I sometimes hallucinate.  It only ever happens at night. The last time was probably two years ago.  Around 2:00am, I started seeing stuff.  My hallucinations typically have spiders in them, I guess because I hate them so much. Anyway, while it’s all going on, I am completely aware that I am hallucinating and what I’m seeing and sensing isn’t really there, but it seems so real that the fear is still there.  I honestly can’t believe people voluntarily take drugs to hallucinate.  I hate it – why the heck would anyone want to go through that?  Is there such thing as a good hallucination?  The stuff last night was horrible.  I wanted to call someone so badly to have them just be there as support.  I ended up texting my mother just after 4:00am.  Here’s our conversation.  Just keep in mind, I’m still seeing everything I’m describing.  (My poor mother!):




Isn’t that wild?!??!?  Wow, I can still picture everything perfectly.  Needless to say, I’m just a tad tired today.  And by tired, I’m mean totally wiped out.

I actually have more to write about the weekend, but I’ll do that in the next post.  Stay tuned.

Today’s symptoms: Very fatigued, bad headache and really looking forward to going to bed tonight.

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