Charity Fly-Over

I was asked to do a fly-over for the “For The Needy, Not The Greedy” charity golf tourney.  They supply medical equipment to people and organizations in need.  Pretty awesome!  I did some aerobatics for the golfers at the start of the tournament, then flew “normally” and took some pics:

It was a fun time for me and from some of the reactions I got from people on the ground, they liked it too.

I was invited to the dinner at the golf course that evening, which was really nice.  Great food!  I was able to bring Mike with me – he was pretty excited, mainly about the desserts:


I got to fly again last night as we had our Recreational Aircraft Association meeting in Welland. 

We had a great turn out, as usual.  Good food too:

Speaking of good food, a friend of mine gave me a jar of awesome Greaves Jam:

Mike, Donkay and I headed back to St. Catharines before 8:00 so Vyctor could be put in the hangar before they closed up for the night.

I was notified by GoDaddy about a month ago that they are getting rid of their blogs.  Ugh, I’m now in the process of moving my entire blog over to WordPress.  It’s going to look great but it’s taking a very long time.  I have all of the entries transferred over (almost 500 posts) and now I have to repost each one individually plus do some formatting.  For anyone subscribed to my blog, you’ll be able to very easily subscribe to the one on the WordPress site, once I get everything finished.  I’ll update my website with the new blog address.  Stay tuned!

Today’s symptoms: Actually felt fairly decent.  After feeling so fatigued after our camping trip, I now seem to be back to my “normal” self. 

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