Month: June 2014

Zombie Kittah

The kitties wanted to go out on the balcony (screened in – no worries!) to enjoy the heat and sun.  I heard some weird noises so went out to investigate.  Pinky was looking at me really funny so I picked her up to see what was wrong.  That’s when it happened – she let out a ferocious hiss and flashed a pair of huge vampire-ish fangs at me.  I jumped back with fear as she leapt from my arms.  Boo let a a fearful meow so I quickly ran over and grabbed her.  Pinky lunged at us so I shielded Boo.  She then sank her fangs into my neck:


Somehow she turned into some sort of vampire type zombie thing.  Fortunately for me, the effects were short lived and I regained consciousness about an hour later.  Pinky seems back to normal – Boo actually doesn’t seem traumatized at all.  Was I just dreaming?

photo 3

Little Pinky actually looks more cute and innocent than before the “incident”:

photo 4

I think I need to lay off the spooky movies for a bit…

Last week, I had my Tysabri infusion after almost a two month hiatus.

photo 11

I had to go off of the monthly medication as I was having a bit of a flare-up and my neurologist needed to first rule out any side effects from the medication, such as PML.  I was quite glad to find out everything was all good and I could go back on the med.  As much as I don’t like having the infusion (always feel rather yucky for a couple days after), but as long as it’s doing what it’s supposed to!  I was actually hoping to feel better than I usually do after the infusion the next day, so Mike and I could fly up to Edenvale for breakfast.  Didn’t happen though.  I felt well enough to head over to Cora’s for breakkie, which was awesome as usual:

photo 2

Afterwards, we headed back to my place and just chilled for the rest of the day so I could recover.

Thankfully, I’m feeling much better now despite a sinus infection that started a few days ago.  Tomorrow, I will be flying over the golf tournament my office is holding.  I was just going to take a couple hours off to do the flight, but I think I’m going to be a rebel and take the whole day off.  I have some highly joyous things to do around the apartment when I get back, such as clean windows and the floors.  Please, try and control your jealousy.

Today’s symptoms: Actually felt fairly well today, after a bad day yesterday.  A rather bad headache due to the sinus infection plus some extra body aches and pains.  I plan on beating the bout of insomnia I’m experiencing and waking up tomorrow feeling all bright eyed and bushy haired.

Vyctor’s Famous!

I’m rather excited about today’s post.  I mentioned in a previous blog that Mike and I flew up to Barrie for some air to air photos we won during last year’s 99’s Bingo Run.  The photo was taken by Peter Lubig.  He was kind enough to write an article for Canadian Aviator magazine on me having MS and being a pilot.  Of course, the star of the article was Vyctor.


Mike was kind enough to pick up the magazine for me today!  I was so shocked to see Vyctor on the front page.



If you would like to see the article online, you can check it out HERE.  It was very well written – Peter did a great job!

I had a friend email the other day stating he received his copy of the magazine.  He commented on my tattoo.  What?  How did that get in there?


Oh right, I flashed it to Peter before taking off for our air to air photo.  Tee hee!


Wow!  I still can’t believe how many pages the article is and the size of the pics!  So there you have it, Vyctor is famous!

Today’s symptoms:  I had a really long but awesome day yesterday so I’m kinda paying for it today – totally worth it though!  Really bad crushing pains in my paws and and much worse than normal headache.  Fatigue is pretty bad but it’ll be better tomorrow!

Altered Kitties

Mike and I both really like that Pharrell Williams song, Happy.  Mind you, whenever we hear it, we change the lyrics to “I’m Abby!”  Yes, we’re weird.  Ok, maybe weird to describe me isn’t a strong enough word.  Here’s the album art for the song:


I may have tweaked the title and pic a little:


Just to divert the “weirdness” attention from me a little, look at little Mya emerging from under the couch:


AND, even WAY more weird than me is this joyous little story.  My mother called me up the other night and just said she had quite the ordeal.  Like me, she rather dislikes spiders.  Well she went down into the kitchen at dusk with no light on.  She looked down and noticed this massive spider!  Yuck!  It was so big that even using a can of Raid (which she keeps one of in every room of the house) probably wouldn’t kill it before it took off.  She decided to run and grab a shoe out of the closet.  She was actually rather surprised to see that the spider hadn’t moved when she ran back into the kitchen.  Poor thing didn’t have a chance – she pounded the dickens out of it.  Once she was able to catch her breath, she noticed that there were no spider bits anywhere.  Actually, it looked exactly the same as before she whacked it.  Turning the kitchen light on, she discovered why – it wasn’t a spider but the top off of the tomato she had with her dinner earlier!  Tee hee – what a cute little dork!

I guess I better take back the weird spotlight.  Mike asked me to send him the pics of Boo and Pinky, sitting together:


In the second shot, Boo turned to look at Pinky as if she just did a little toot-a-roo under the blanket.  Again, I may have altered the pic just a little:

Pinky Fart

I guess I better stop or my blog readers may have mildly disturbing dreams….sorry!

Today’s symptoms:  Had a few nights of insomnia, so really feeling it today.  Very fatigued, bad aches and pains all over (always much worse the more fatigued I am) plus a pretty bad headache.  I’m going to take some Sleepy-time Tea tonight plus a sleep aid, hoping that will help.

Still Up At 2:00am

Had an amazing weekend.  Mike and I went to see Edge of Tomorrow at the theatre on Saturday.  It was really good and we would both recommend it.  On the way back from the show, we stopped in at Giant Tiger to get some tuna that was on sale.  I really love tuna and have never seen Ocean’s brand for only $1 before, so I picked up ten cans.  That was all I went in there to buy so did not get a cart to carry them.  There was a cute, older woman in line in front of me.  I was still holding the stacks of cans as there was not enough room on the conveyor belt to set them down.  The belt moved forward so I went to put the cans down when I had a rather sharp but brief MS-related spasm in my left arm.  Well, that sent those cans just a’flying!  I was so worried that one was going to hit the woman, they all missed her.  The way I was years ago, this event would have made me extremely embarrassed.  It didn’t at all though – I just said that was really bad timing for a spasm – just a slight medical issue!

On Sunday, we went to a fly-in at the Guelph Airport.  I don’t know why I have never flown there before.  Anyway, we had to fly to Welland first to get fuel as the fuel truck in St. Catharines was out of  service.  After a quick stop, we headed west to Guelph.  There is no tower there so you basically talk to the other planes in the area, tell them where you are and where you’re going.  I got into the circuit and turned the base leg.  I noticed there was a plane at the threshold of the runway, ready for take off.  Lots of time since I still had to turn final.  Well, I did turn final and dude was still there.  I announced twice that I was on final, plus there was another plane behind me.  I started doing some S turns to give the guy time to take off.  I could no believe he sat there that long.  I thought I was going to have to overshoot the runway, but was also thinking that clearly this guy wasn’t too bright, so what if I declare an overshoot and he still takes off?  Fortunately, he finally took off and I was able to land safe and sound.  I got off the runway onto the taxiway as soon as possible (as you’re supposed to do).  Apparently the guy behind me kept going all the way to the end of the runway once he landed.  The guy behind him therefore would not be able to land on a clear runway so he did an overshoot.  He was quite ticked off as he radioed the plane that caused him to overshoot and yelled to get off the runway next time.  Geesh!  I was quite glad to get parked after that:


We were both rather hungry so we grabbed a burger from the BBQ.  The only seats were in the sun, and since we’re both the colour of bleached socks, we searched for shade.  The only shade available was under the wings of Vyctor, so that’s where we sat and nommed:


Really delicious burgers, by the way:


After our awesome food, we checked out the rest of the planes at the event, then headed back to Vyc.  During the flight home, we decided to go see yet another movie.  So, we landed then drove over to the cinema at the PEN Centre.  I really wanted to see The Fault In Our Stars.  After seeing the trailer, I knew I was going to be just a tad emotional.  I thought I would be safe with four Kleenex.  Nope.  I soaked through those bad boys and half a serviette.  I’m glad the movie didn’t go any longer at that point, because I was about to take off my sock to use.  Wow.  Absolutely amazing movie.  Mike really liked it too.

Even though I was really exhausted, we went to the Target store on the other side of the mall, which was closing.  We had to walk out of the mall and into Target via the external doors to get in.  Walking back to the other end of the mall was kinda eerie, as we were the only ones there:


It was a perfect weekend, but I think I may have done a tad too much.  I was physically pooped and emotionally drained from the movie.  I was in bed by 9:30.  I fell asleep after 11:00 but was up a couple hours later.  That’s when things weren’t so fun anymore.  When I am super exhausted and extremely fatigued, I sometimes hallucinate.  It only ever happens at night. The last time was probably two years ago.  Around 2:00am, I started seeing stuff.  My hallucinations typically have spiders in them, I guess because I hate them so much. Anyway, while it’s all going on, I am completely aware that I am hallucinating and what I’m seeing and sensing isn’t really there, but it seems so real that the fear is still there.  I honestly can’t believe people voluntarily take drugs to hallucinate.  I hate it – why the heck would anyone want to go through that?  Is there such thing as a good hallucination?  The stuff last night was horrible.  I wanted to call someone so badly to have them just be there as support.  I ended up texting my mother just after 4:00am.  Here’s our conversation.  Just keep in mind, I’m still seeing everything I’m describing.  (My poor mother!):




Isn’t that wild?!??!?  Wow, I can still picture everything perfectly.  Needless to say, I’m just a tad tired today.  And by tired, I’m mean totally wiped out.

I actually have more to write about the weekend, but I’ll do that in the next post.  Stay tuned.

Today’s symptoms: Very fatigued, bad headache and really looking forward to going to bed tonight.

Friday 13th – Port Dover

It took an insane amount of time, but I finally got all of my 474 blog posts from my GoDaddy site transferred over to WordPress.  I’ll send everyone subscribed to my previous blog an email inviting them to subscribe to the new site.  If you would like my new blogs to automatically show up in your email once I publish them, you can subscribe to them by clicking on the Follow button down in the bottom right hand corner of my blog.  You just have to enter your email address and voila!

Have a decent day to report on this spiffy new blog site.  Being the only Friday the 13th this year, I was compelled (as I am every year) to fly over Port Dover and check out the thousands of bikers who meet up there.   The weather was a little poopy this year though.  I flew through a bit of rain on the way.  I was quite happy to see the plant at Nanticoke, which I flew over:


Soon after, Port Dover was in site:


The sea of black leather and motorcycles was soon apparent:


It almost doesn’t look real:




So cool to see!  I knew a few people who were down there at the time I flew over.  I’ll have to ask if they saw my cute little plane.

Coming back to St. Catharines, I hit a fairly big storm.  I heard there were thunderstorms there, so I did my first airport diversion ever since being a pilot, and landed at Grimsby to wait it out.  I contacted the St. Catharines Airport tower to let them know I had landed and got a weather update.  Within ten minutes of landing, I was able to take off again in a light shower and head to St. Catharines.  Just like me, my co-pilot was calm and collected in the less than nice weather:

photo 2

On a bright note, my plane got nice and clean!  Once back in the hangar, the Flying Club’s massively fat cat (with my assistance) sat in the pilot seat:

photo 3

After snapping a couple pics, I hoisted the enormous ball of lard and fluff back onto the ground.  I know have a very sore back.

Back at the apartment, Pinky quickly found the bag I had set on the kitchen counter after unloading it:

photo 5

I said “Wink if you want a butt rub!”

photo 4

Oh geez!

Today’s symptoms:  Still feeling pretty good after my awesome flight.  Not as fatigued as I usually get after flying.  Have a pretty bad headache though.

Charity Fly-Over

I was asked to do a fly-over for the “For The Needy, Not The Greedy” charity golf tourney.  They supply medical equipment to people and organizations in need.  Pretty awesome!  I did some aerobatics for the golfers at the start of the tournament, then flew “normally” and took some pics:

It was a fun time for me and from some of the reactions I got from people on the ground, they liked it too.

I was invited to the dinner at the golf course that evening, which was really nice.  Great food!  I was able to bring Mike with me – he was pretty excited, mainly about the desserts:


I got to fly again last night as we had our Recreational Aircraft Association meeting in Welland. 

We had a great turn out, as usual.  Good food too:

Speaking of good food, a friend of mine gave me a jar of awesome Greaves Jam:

Mike, Donkay and I headed back to St. Catharines before 8:00 so Vyctor could be put in the hangar before they closed up for the night.

I was notified by GoDaddy about a month ago that they are getting rid of their blogs.  Ugh, I’m now in the process of moving my entire blog over to WordPress.  It’s going to look great but it’s taking a very long time.  I have all of the entries transferred over (almost 500 posts) and now I have to repost each one individually plus do some formatting.  For anyone subscribed to my blog, you’ll be able to very easily subscribe to the one on the WordPress site, once I get everything finished.  I’ll update my website with the new blog address.  Stay tuned!

Today’s symptoms: Actually felt fairly decent.  After feeling so fatigued after our camping trip, I now seem to be back to my “normal” self. 

Long Point Camping

Mike and I went camping at Long Point again last weekend.  We were actually there for five nights.  Mike’s uncle lent us his trailer and my little mother lent us her car, so we were going in luxury.  As the last time we were there, I had to plank things:

The camping trailer was so fast and easy to set up – we couldn’t believe it:

Soon after setting up, we went for a short walk on the beach.  Saw this little cutie – not sure what kind of bird it is:

We just chilled for the rest of the day.  I was a little pooped from the drive, plus we had to save our energy for the next day.  We were signed up for zip lining at Long Point Eco-Adventure.  Our session started at 11:00, which allowed us to kinda take our time in the morning.  We had six other people in our group.  After gearing up and taking a ground school, we zip lined off the second floor of the building and over to the first platform in the trees.  There were eight altogether.  The extra nice part was I have a helmet strap for my GoPro video camera, so Mike and I took turns wearing it while zipping along.  I’ll post some videos on my video page very soon!Here’s one of the great views:

Taking a small break after walking across a cool suspension bridge then over to the next platform:

After doing the final line which was 800 feet, I decided to dangle and have a little rest:

It was an amazing day.  We hope to go back in September and do the night zip lining!  We just need enough people to join us.We spent the rest of the trip mostly just relaxing.  We did have to go into town the day after zip lining as I had a little issue with my toothbrush.  After brushing, I flicked the head to dry it off.  Bad idea:

While in town (Port Rowan), we wandered around to the different stores.  We also stopped in at our favourite restaurant, the Sunrise Cafe:

Yummy.  They really have great food.Back at the campsite, it was time for more relaxing.  We sat down and worked on a Disney Planes activity book with a nice bottle of wine that Mike’s dad made:

The next day we drove down the road to a really nice trail around a pond.  Saw some cute little geeselettes:

Also a little frog that wasn’t too keen on letting me catch him:

A couple of nights, we got the fire going and made some piggies out of weenies:

It was an awesome trip.  We were actually planning on going home Monday but decided to stay an extra day.  We can’t wait to go back in September!Today’s symptoms:  Still a bit weak.  After the camping trip, I was much more fatigued than normal.  I went home sick from work early on Thursday and Friday.  I actually left before 10am on Friday, went home and slept for two hours!  Spent all of yesterday in the apartment as I still wasn’t feeling well enough to go out.  Kinda sucks that I typically have to pay physically for doing out of the norm stuff such as camping, but it’s totally worth it!