First Fly-In Of The Season

We had amazing weather this weekend which was awesome, as we were hoping to fly to Exeter.  They were having a COPA fly-in breakfast.  It was a rather smooth flight there, and took us about an hour and fifteen minutes.  As usual, Donkay joined us:


It was a little hard to spot the runway, as it’s a grass strip.  We were also trying to keep track of all of the other planes in the circuit.  Mike took some pics of us coming in:


Lots of folks were outside, watching all the planes arrive:

We had a nice time.  I had a great chat with my friend Tom and met up with someone from Welland.

Heading back, we flew over this yellow dude:

Once back in St. Catharines, we followed another plane in from downwind to base to final, but then a glider approached to land on one of the smaller runways.  It was requested that I then follow the glider to some degree in order to give him time to land.  I ended up doing some funky turns in order to give the glider more time:

The glider landed then we came in for our own landing.

Soon after we parked, we were blessed with seeing the Lancaster doing a low and over:

Another nice surprise was when this bad boy flew over where we were later that afternoon:

Awesome day and we look forward to all of the upcoming fly-ins this summer.

Back at home, we watched a movie at my place.  Mike put his cup of water down – big mistake (as it always is):

Nice of Abby to clean Mya while she was drinking.

Today’s symptoms: I didn’t feel too well today.  I woke up at 3:00am and wasn’t able to fall back to sleep.  Had a fairly bad headache and was really fatigued all day.  On a bright note, most of the pain in my hands is gone!


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