MS Flare-Up?

Ok, I’m a huge slacker.  I can explain though!  I’ve been feeling rather lousy.  A couple of weeks ago, I started having severe crushing pain in my hands, mostly the right one.  A few days into it, there was a burning sensation along with the pain.  I phoned my neurologist in Hamilton and got in to see him the next day.  My little mother and I headed to my appointment, which was rather convenient since we were going to see each other that day anyway.  Not that I think that her company alone isn’t sufficient, but I decided to bring Donkay along as well:


I think Jan had some choice names for me when I put him on her knee…During the wait to see the doctor, I decided to kill some time by making some wanted posters of my cats:

My neurologist sent me for a somewhat urgent MRI, just to rule out PML, which can be caused by Tysabri.

After leaving his office, we went over to the Limeridge Mall for some shopping.  One of my joyous purchases was this groovy necklace:

We actually didn’t end up buying too much, but it was fun to wander around, chat and keep my mind off of things.  We then hit the Fox and Fiddle restaurant, which is in the mall.  I saw a whole new side of Donkay during dinner.  First he hit Jan’s beer:

He got a little tipsy and started pole dancing on my wine class:

I guess we all need to let loose now and then!

All in all, it was a really fun day, spent with my favourite little mother.

I had my MRI at the St. Catharines hospital this past Sunday.  It was either my twelfth or thirteenth one, with the last one just in March.  I normally fall asleep in the machine, which is pretty insane considering how loud they are.  If you’ve ever wondered what it sounds like in an MRI, check out this video!  About twenty minutes into the scan, they pulled me out of the machine and injected the contrast agent.  I think I was in there less than ten minutes after that.  For some reason, I was completely out of it when the test was done.  I remember wondering where the heck I was – I almost felt drunk.  Not sure what happened there!

Since I haven’t been feeling well, my activities have been fairly limited.  Mike and I ended up watching quite a few movies this weekend, whilst chilling with the kitties:

We ordered out for dinner a couple times.  Abby has become very bold and unlady-like.  Mind you, taunting her with fries probably didn’t help:

We told her she was being very naughty:

She learned her lesson and was far better behaved the next night:

It was a nice relaxing weekend.  I’m very happy to say that I’m starting to feel better.  The pain is lessening each day.  I picked up my MRI images from the hospital yesterday and it looks like I may have a new lesion:

I go back to see the neurologist on Friday, so I guess we’ll discuss the results then.  Stay tuned!

Today’s symptoms: I felt fairly decent today.  My fatigue level was average for me – I had to take a wake-up pill around 1:30.  Feeling less pain in my hands than I have in two weeks, so I’m quite happy about that.


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