Walk for MS Flyover

The Walk for MS took place this past Sunday.  We were so grateful the weather was decent for the morning.  Mike and I took off  just before 9:00 and headed over Port Dalhousie, which was one of three Walk sites in Niagara.  Before the Walk started, they announced I was flying over again this year, then I did some aerobatics.  Once we descended a bit, Mike snapped some pics of the Walkers:


After circling around Port Dalhousie for a bit, we then headed over to the Welland site and then to Chippawa:


When we got back home and looked through the pics, it was kinda neat to see we got one of someone waving at us:

Another nice sight was this Mustang that landed in St. Catharines soon after us:

I’m happy to report I made my goal for the MS Walk of $1000.  You can check out my pledge page here.  Thanks to everyone who supported me!

Sticking with the awesome sight pics, here’s one Mike and I noticed.  These funky, pillar-looking clouds are just over the shoreline to the West of Toronto.  I’ve never seen anything like it:

They actually lasted a couple days.  Weird.  Doesn’t even look real.

And finally, what better sights are there than these.  Little Abby being all cute and licky:

Mya trying to convince me that she’s the cutest cat of the four:

Pinky has no intention of ever being labelled the cutest, as long as she keeps getting her daily butt rubs:

Mya actually thinks she’s so unbelievably cute, that she is entitled to sit on the other kitties.  Here she is with her rear end up on Pinky, who is sitting on the heater behind my bed:

She’s so weird.

Today’s symptoms: Rather fatigued today and am having really bad crushing pains in my hands.  Blah.  Kinda looking forward to going to bed tonight, and hope the pain is gone tomorrow.


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