Walk for MS

I can’t believe it’s that time of the year already!  The annual Walk for MS is this Sunday (May 4th).  As I’ve done for the last six years, I’ll be flying over all three Walk sites in Niagara, while the event is underway.  It’s such a rush to look down and see all the folks walking for this cause.  If you would like to check out my sponsor page, please click HERE.Paws crossed the weather is good.  I’m so glad they’ve changed it to May, especially after the poopola April we had this year.Here’s a pic I took last year, whilst flying over Port Dalhousie:


The two other Walk site are in Welland and Chippawa.  After I land, I usually head over to the Lions Club in Port Dalhousie and visit with everyone.  Good times!I had an amazing weekend and am looking forward to blogging about it.  However, I didn’t get too much sleep last night and am going to finish doing stuff around here then crawl into bed early.  Mind you, I just went in the bedroom and noticed that my bed is covered in kitties.  Hopefully I can find a corner to curl up on and perhaps a little fold of blanket.  Hmmm….

Today’s symptoms:  Actually felt pretty good today, despite my very busy and awesome weekend!  The worst thing symptom-wise was my calves going into major spasms on the walk home from work.  Also, my right forearm has been going into spasms for the last couple of hours too.  I’m going to rename my body Spaztropolis.


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