I was off last Thursday and decided to go for a flight.  My aviation mechanic said he needed something dropped off to the Aircraft Spruce store at the Brantford Airport.  Since I really didn’t have a destination in mind, I figured I could do this small favour for him.  When I arrived at the St. Catharines Airport, I headed up to the tower to drop off some fudge. 


Then I headed down to little Vyctor and flew over to Welland to pick up my mechanic’s loot.  The winds were very strong that day.  By the time I was over the end of the runway, I was already at 1500 feet!  The tower called me, kinda chuckling, stating my ground speed was 30 knots.  Oh geez – this was going to be a long flight!  It took me seven minutes just to leave St. Catharines airspace, as I was going almost straight into the wind.  I also had to tighten my seat belts due to the turbulence.  Eventually, I made it to Welland though.  I landed, dropped off more fudge, picked up the stuff to go to Brantford, then departed.  So long, Welland:


I would never take up a passenger in wind like that – it was crazy!  Very fun for me though.  I landed in Brantford, hit Aircraft Spruce, then it was back to St. Catharines:


With the tail wind, the trip back was quite a bit faster.  Turbulence was no better though.  Weeeeee!!!!

Back home, I opened my mitten drawer to get out my binoculars to check something out outside.  It was only open for two minutes, and when I turned around:

Mya is so cute but can be a real trouble maker.   You can see her unbelievably cute side in this pic with Boo:

On the weekend, Mike and I flew to Welland for a Transport Canada safety seminar.  It was amazing weather and there were quite a few people flying that day.  As usual when I fly, Donkay joins me:

The seminar was great.  Once back in St. Catharines, we walked downtown to hit Timmies and some shops.  We ordered our food then I accidentally pointed out to Mike the Easter donut.  Well, he just had to have it!

I must admit, that was mighty fine!

We wandered around a bunch of stores downtown, including a couple book stores, discount store, British boutique and shoe store.  With all that excitement and walking, we were getting kinda hungry again.  We went to The Works where Mike ordered a burger topped with peanut butter, bananas and bacon.  Slurp:

Strange combination but very yummy.  You would think he would have been full after eating that, but apparently not full enough.  He tried to eat Abby when we got home:

Fortunately, she escaped with her life.

Today’s symptoms: I’m really not sure what happened.  I woke up after sleeping quite well last night.  Just before 9:00, I suddenly felt like I was hit by a Boeing 777.  I ended up having to go home around 10:00.  I slept for over an hour when I got home, then had to lay down again a few hours later.  I still feel really poopy – very tired and fatigued, achy and just all over blah.


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