Month: April 2014

Campsite From Above

As I mentioned in my last blog, I had a great weekend.  I flew Mike and I to London for breakfast on Sunday.  It took a little less than an hour to get there.  There were a few other aircraft in the circuit, including this awesome private jet:


We had a great view of the runway while in the restaurant eating our tasty breakfast.  Unfortunately, Mike’s order was wrong so we nommed on my breakkie before his came out quite some time later.  Oh, and I couldn’t find Donkay so this was his replacement for the flight:


At least we had the view to enjoy while waiting for his noms.  There were quite a few larger commercial flights that flew in and out while we were there, including a couple Jazz planes:


Since Mike and I are going camping at Long Point Provincial Park again in May, we decided to fly over it and check out our exact campsite from the air.

That large round clearing to the right is directly right of our site.  That’s the site we had last year when we were there in September – most perfect site ever.  No one across from us or to the right and less than a two minute walk from the beach.

Here’s a shot of the Long Point area while we were heading back to the Lake Erie shoreline:

We passed a massive mansion under construction last year.  I see it’s still not quite finished:

Another awesome part of our flight was testing out the new GoPro camera I bought.  It’s so much more convenient to start the camera via the iPhone app, rather than just have the video record the entire flight.  Kinda neat to see what the camera was seeing on my phone:

The video quality is amazing.  I’m so happy with this camera.  Now I can use my old camera to video my passenger and I when we’re doing aerobatics.

Back at home after the flight, we chilled out and watched a couple movies with the kitties.  Mike got himself a drink of water and mistakenly left it unattended.  Everyone except Boo had a slurp:

Very naughty kitties.  Boo was behaving herself for a change, in the bedroom:

For some reason, I decided to gather a few of them up so we could have a little chat.  It sorta went well at first:

But then not so much:

Lesson learned!

Today’s symptoms: Felt a bit more tired and fatigued than normal.  Still having bad spasms in my calves and arms.  Not quite as bad as the other day though. 


Walk for MS

I can’t believe it’s that time of the year already!  The annual Walk for MS is this Sunday (May 4th).  As I’ve done for the last six years, I’ll be flying over all three Walk sites in Niagara, while the event is underway.  It’s such a rush to look down and see all the folks walking for this cause.  If you would like to check out my sponsor page, please click HERE.Paws crossed the weather is good.  I’m so glad they’ve changed it to May, especially after the poopola April we had this year.Here’s a pic I took last year, whilst flying over Port Dalhousie:


The two other Walk site are in Welland and Chippawa.  After I land, I usually head over to the Lions Club in Port Dalhousie and visit with everyone.  Good times!I had an amazing weekend and am looking forward to blogging about it.  However, I didn’t get too much sleep last night and am going to finish doing stuff around here then crawl into bed early.  Mind you, I just went in the bedroom and noticed that my bed is covered in kitties.  Hopefully I can find a corner to curl up on and perhaps a little fold of blanket.  Hmmm….

Today’s symptoms:  Actually felt pretty good today, despite my very busy and awesome weekend!  The worst thing symptom-wise was my calves going into major spasms on the walk home from work.  Also, my right forearm has been going into spasms for the last couple of hours too.  I’m going to rename my body Spaztropolis.



Had a marvelous four day weekend.  The weather was great – finally!  Mike hadn’t been to the Waterloo Airport before so we headed there for breakkie on Saturday.  For some reason, I thought it was over an hour flight there but it’s only about 40 minutes.  I’ve been there are few times too.  Duh.  There were about seven of us in the circuit when I entered.  It’s always quite busy there.

Great breakfast.
We had to wait for about four planes to land before we were cleared out onto the runway:

Had a nice flight home.  Mike had the camera and snapped a few pics:

As usual, Donkay joined us:

This one is of the firing range near Grimsby:

I went to that range quite a few times when I was in the Army.  Here’s a pic of me heading down to the water to watch for boats:

That was the day they all stopped firing and went to eat lunch – forgot to tell me over the radio though.  There I sat, all alone, stomach growling.  Geesh.

We made it back to St. Catharines, safe and sound with full bellies.

Before going home, we decided to hit the Fairview Mall.  We were shocked to see how much traffic there was.  Then we saw a traffic light out – then another…  We finally made it into the parking lot in front of Future Shop, only to be told by someone coming out that there’s a power failure and the mall was closed.  I checked online to see the area of the outage and was shocked to see how huge it was:

It was quite a long drive to get out of the parking lot, due to the mass exodus.  There were a lot of really snippy, miserable people who of course had to make the experience ten times worse by driving like complete idiots.  We couldn’t believe how some of them cut whole lines of traffic right off.  But they had to be first!

Once the power was back on, Mike and I were able to make a truly gourmet meal.  We wanted poutine but didn’t have any cheese.  Instead, we made mashed potatoes poutine:


We had a much better meal on Sunday.  My mother, Mike and myself went over to his sister’s house for Easter dinner.  This was the first time my mother has met a good chunk of his family – having only met his mother before then.  It was a really nice time, especially playing with the little kids, like this one:

Mike had to work Monday, but since I was off and the weather was nice, I went for another flight.  Flew over my little mother’s house.  She waved from the driveway:

I then headed over Niagara Falls:

Checked out a brush fire:

Did a couple circuits back at CYSN then rolled little Vyctor back to the Flying Club for safe keeping.  Now that the weather is nicer, I get to start using my favourite pitot static cover again:

Now that’s classy!

After my flight and once Mike got home from work, we headed over to my friend Laura’s to meet their new, cute, tiny puppy, Bella:

Adorable!  I still can’t believe how small she is – only 2.5 lbs!  Of course, I also had to introduce Mike to the equally cute gecko, Peanut:

His eyes are almost as googly as Abby’s:

Actually, she’s not her normal insanely googly self in that pic, but still very cute.

Today’s symptoms: Not sure what happened around 9:00 this morning, but I was suddenly overwhelmed with fatigue.  I had a really hard time staying awake and had to take a wake-up pill.  It may have been from all the excitement this weekend.  Not sure but I’m hoping I feel much better tomorrow.



I was off last Thursday and decided to go for a flight.  My aviation mechanic said he needed something dropped off to the Aircraft Spruce store at the Brantford Airport.  Since I really didn’t have a destination in mind, I figured I could do this small favour for him.  When I arrived at the St. Catharines Airport, I headed up to the tower to drop off some fudge. 


Then I headed down to little Vyctor and flew over to Welland to pick up my mechanic’s loot.  The winds were very strong that day.  By the time I was over the end of the runway, I was already at 1500 feet!  The tower called me, kinda chuckling, stating my ground speed was 30 knots.  Oh geez – this was going to be a long flight!  It took me seven minutes just to leave St. Catharines airspace, as I was going almost straight into the wind.  I also had to tighten my seat belts due to the turbulence.  Eventually, I made it to Welland though.  I landed, dropped off more fudge, picked up the stuff to go to Brantford, then departed.  So long, Welland:


I would never take up a passenger in wind like that – it was crazy!  Very fun for me though.  I landed in Brantford, hit Aircraft Spruce, then it was back to St. Catharines:


With the tail wind, the trip back was quite a bit faster.  Turbulence was no better though.  Weeeeee!!!!

Back home, I opened my mitten drawer to get out my binoculars to check something out outside.  It was only open for two minutes, and when I turned around:

Mya is so cute but can be a real trouble maker.   You can see her unbelievably cute side in this pic with Boo:

On the weekend, Mike and I flew to Welland for a Transport Canada safety seminar.  It was amazing weather and there were quite a few people flying that day.  As usual when I fly, Donkay joins me:

The seminar was great.  Once back in St. Catharines, we walked downtown to hit Timmies and some shops.  We ordered our food then I accidentally pointed out to Mike the Easter donut.  Well, he just had to have it!

I must admit, that was mighty fine!

We wandered around a bunch of stores downtown, including a couple book stores, discount store, British boutique and shoe store.  With all that excitement and walking, we were getting kinda hungry again.  We went to The Works where Mike ordered a burger topped with peanut butter, bananas and bacon.  Slurp:

Strange combination but very yummy.  You would think he would have been full after eating that, but apparently not full enough.  He tried to eat Abby when we got home:

Fortunately, she escaped with her life.

Today’s symptoms: I’m really not sure what happened.  I woke up after sleeping quite well last night.  Just before 9:00, I suddenly felt like I was hit by a Boeing 777.  I ended up having to go home around 10:00.  I slept for over an hour when I got home, then had to lay down again a few hours later.  I still feel really poopy – very tired and fatigued, achy and just all over blah.



I haven’t had the greatest week.  I mentioned in my last blog that I had the bladder Botox procedure done.  For the past two months, I’ve had three bladder infections so I’m starting to think that the hospital should have waited to do the Botox procedure.  I had a couple of scares – let’s just say there was A LOT of blood involved.  I phoned the urologist when it happened on Thursday morning and they sent me to the lab for a test.  I still haven’t heard back from them which is a little disheartening.  The last time it happened was around 3:00am on Saturday morning.  I crawled back in bed and thought for over thirty minutes as to whether I should go to the clinic when it opened at 10:00 or head over to the hospital.  I decided on the hospital and then I had to decide whether to call Mike to take me or if I should just go myself.  I figured since I was able to drive myself and didn’t want to ruin his day due to lack of sleep, that I wouldn’t call him.  Since I would be there around 4:00 in the morning, I thought I would be back home by 8:00.  Well, not quite.  Around 9:00, I really started to get bored.  I acquired a glove and made Donkay look like a peacock:


I didn’t get out of there until around 10:30.  I was told that I have a bladder infection.  Not too surprising.  I have a lot of pain in my lower back so I’m pretty sure the infection has also gone into my kidneys.  I’m not sure if the antibiotic they gave me is also for kidney infections – I’m kinda hoping my urologist gets back to me soon.  I’ve learned over the years that when a doctor or hospital tells you that they will call you with the results, you typically need to follow-up yourself.I spent the weekend in my apartment with my kittahs and Mike, just chilling.  Mike and I both learned that we need to keep an eye on our phones around here.  First Boo got hold of one and took a selfie:


Abby soon followed suit:

No Abby, you really need to look into the camera for a selfie.  Try again:

That’s better although a smile would be nice.  Geesh.

The kitties have been reading our emails too.  And, to top it off, they started creating their own memes.  Here’s Boo’s first:

Pinky is really big on butt rubs, so she sent Mike a meme to kinda hint that she wanted one:

This next picture shows the meme worked:

On Sunday, I noticed the two stubborn pusses in the bedroom.  As sweet and tiny as Mya is, she can be a bit of a bully.  If another kitty has been sitting in a spot for a while and made it all nice and warm, Mya will basically stand on them until they get up and leave, so she can take the spot.  If they don’t move in time, she’ll nip at them.  Well, I think she attempted to do this to Pinky, but she held her ground.  It would have been a rather amusing interaction.  Pinky hates sleeping near any of the other cats, but tolerated Mya for over an hour:

As you can clearly see, little Pinky isn’t amused.

Mike and I had this amazing Chex snack while we were watching a movie.  Booser decided that she wanted to have a taste:

She wasn’t overly enthused.  Oh well, more for us!

I’m still feeling really crappy today.  I don’t feel any worse than yesterday though, so I guess the antibiotics are doing something useful.  I’ve been trying to drink lots of water to help flush everything out.  Thought it would be a good idea to clean my water bottle, so I used my awesome bottle cleaner.  Now there’s quality for ya:


Today’s symptoms:  I wish I could report that the bladder Botox was a big help with my frequency and urgency issues (common with us MS-ers), but I can’t tell with this lousy infection.  I’m feeling really weak and run down.  Hopefully these meds start clearing things up soon.