I might as well start off with the recent procedure I had done.  Most people probably haven’t heard of this use for Botox.  Due to MS, I have some bladder issues – urgency and frequency.  I’ve tried most of the medications out there to try and fix the problem, but nothing seems to work.  My neurologist suggested I try Botox injections into the bladder.  Okie dokie – I’ll try anything at this point!  There’s no one in the Niagara area doing this, so I was referred to a urologist in Hamilton at the Juravinski Hospital.  I had a cystocope done there last month and this past Thursday, I had the Botox injection.


I must say, the whole procedure wasn’t exactly fun.  They had to do a catheter, inject the freezing then the scope and Botox injections.  The injections themselves were a little painful but it was tolerable enough that if this works, I’d go through it again.I should know within a week if it was effective or not.  If so, I’ll have to get it done about every six months.  Even if it doesn’t work on me, I was able to save a little of the Botox and try it on Pinky.  Here’s the result – her back before:



Yup, I have the smoothest Sphynx cat EVER!

Boo was shocked at the result:

Fortunately, my other kitties weren’t jealous and still looking rather cute themselves:

Abby looked shocked, but really wasn’t.  She always looks like this:

I thought Pinky would be a little more excited about the result, but she was kinda indifferent:

Mike and I were going to fly to Waterloo today for breakfast, but the runways in St. Catharines weren’t ploughed this morning.  Bummer.  Now we’re sitting watching Pushing Tin while eating some snackies from Bulk Barn.  This could be a good thing as I’m still feeling rather blah after my little procedure on Thursday.

Today’s symptoms:  Feeling ok, just a little sore.  I slept really well last night so that’s a huge bonus.  My fatigue level is decent, but my headache is a little worse than normal.

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