Month: March 2014


I might as well start off with the recent procedure I had done.  Most people probably haven’t heard of this use for Botox.  Due to MS, I have some bladder issues – urgency and frequency.  I’ve tried most of the medications out there to try and fix the problem, but nothing seems to work.  My neurologist suggested I try Botox injections into the bladder.  Okie dokie – I’ll try anything at this point!  There’s no one in the Niagara area doing this, so I was referred to a urologist in Hamilton at the Juravinski Hospital.  I had a cystocope done there last month and this past Thursday, I had the Botox injection.


I must say, the whole procedure wasn’t exactly fun.  They had to do a catheter, inject the freezing then the scope and Botox injections.  The injections themselves were a little painful but it was tolerable enough that if this works, I’d go through it again.I should know within a week if it was effective or not.  If so, I’ll have to get it done about every six months.  Even if it doesn’t work on me, I was able to save a little of the Botox and try it on Pinky.  Here’s the result – her back before:



Yup, I have the smoothest Sphynx cat EVER!

Boo was shocked at the result:

Fortunately, my other kitties weren’t jealous and still looking rather cute themselves:

Abby looked shocked, but really wasn’t.  She always looks like this:

I thought Pinky would be a little more excited about the result, but she was kinda indifferent:

Mike and I were going to fly to Waterloo today for breakfast, but the runways in St. Catharines weren’t ploughed this morning.  Bummer.  Now we’re sitting watching Pushing Tin while eating some snackies from Bulk Barn.  This could be a good thing as I’m still feeling rather blah after my little procedure on Thursday.

Today’s symptoms:  Feeling ok, just a little sore.  I slept really well last night so that’s a huge bonus.  My fatigue level is decent, but my headache is a little worse than normal.

Breakfast In Style

Had a really great weekend.  Saturday, Mike and I went to visit my little mother.  On the way back home, we stopped at Reptile Kingdom on Highway 20.


This snake was massive and looked like he recently had a good meal:

Once back home, we walked over to a store downtown, including a used bookstore on Queen Street.  I’ve walked past it many times but for some reason, never went in.  I was shocked at the number of books.  They used every square inch of that building.

Then we headed over to The Works for some burgery awesomeness.  Mike got one called Getting Piggy With It:

Bacon is our friend.

Back home, the kitties were keeping content and warm on the heater behind my bed:

Abby wasn’t being too social, but still very cute:

The weather turned out pretty good on Sunday so I flew Mike and I to Tillsonburg for breakfast.  It was a little bit bumpy on the way there but the landing was quite interesting.  It was pretty much a full crosswind landing.  I haven’t had to fight that hard to land in a very long time.  Fortunately, it was a nice touch down – which was a relief when we noticed how many people were watching from the restaurant.  We parked Vyctor just outside the door and headed in for noms:

As usual, Donkay joined us on the flight:

It was a nice flight home, after which we bid Vyc farewell:

I hope to see him again soon.

Today’s symptoms:  After a lot of running around this weekend, I’m much more fatigued today than usual – totally worth it though!  Aches and pains are average.

Happy St. Patty’s Day

I hope everyone wore green today.  That’s about the extent of my celebratory efforts.  Don’t have any plans to go out partying.  Dealing with a third bladder infection in two months and the antibiotics (and I’m assuming the infection as well) are really wiping me out.  I’m glad I only have one more day of them.  I’ve decided that this is the last bladder infection I’m going to get for the rest of the year!  Whoot!

On Thursday, Mike and I went to the huge box sale at the Book Outlet.  I typically go each year and never have any trouble filling a box.  I didn’t want to get too many this time as I still have tons to read.  Mike and I just split a box between us.  We were there right for when it opened at 9:00 and it was pretty much packed within an hour:

Yesterday was Mike’s birthday so we went over to his parents’ house for dinner.  We gave his sister and brother-in-law this wonderful book that we saw at the book sale.  As you can imagine, they were thrilled:

It was nice to see everyone – the two-legged and four-legged types.  As usual, Coco stared at me while I was sitting on the couch:

And Blue hinted that I turn on the tap for him in the bathroom:

His cats are weird.  I’m glad that mine are totally normal:

Man, I love my four little freaks!

Today’s symptoms:  Really wiped out and just feeling very blah.  I’m going to make sure I get to bed early tonight so I have at least some chance of feeling better tomorrow.  Mind you, that doesn’t mean I’ll actually sleep well.

Women In Aviation – Waterloo

I was really hoping the weather was going to be decent on Tuesday, so I could fly to the Women in Aviation event I was asked to be part of at the Waterloo Airport.  Unfortunately, it didn’t happen.  I got there after about two hours of driving.  It would have been a little sooner but my GPS kinda led me astray!Once there, I recognized a few people I met at the event last year, when I took three girls up for their first flight.  I was the only one there that wasn’t in an aviation-related career.


We were part of a talk show, in which the host asked each of us questions, then we had questions from the audience for the second half.  I think there were around 30 people in the audience.  It was really inspiring to listen to what the women next to me did for a living, including an air traffic controller, Air Canada pilot and Mission System Engineer.  Needless to say, I was just a tad envious.  I’m certainly not in the career I dreamed of and went to university for four years, plus a year of college, but I still have a great job and life is pretty darn good.  My hobby is kinda nice, too!I’m looking forward to getting a copy of the video of the event.  I’ll post in in my video section once I have it in my paws.

Keeping with the aviation theme – I was looking through an aviation magazine the other day and spotted a pic of my cute little plane, parked at the Gathering of the Classics in Edenvale event last summer.  Top row, second from the right:

It’s kinda hard to tell, as the picture is blurry, but Vyctor is by far the cutest plane there!

Speaking of cute planes, check out this amazing vase I found in Shopper’s Drug Mart the other day.  I went out and bought some flowers for it, and my little mother made this shnazzy arrangement:

When she sent the picture to me, I believe she wrote “God, you’re a dork!”  Yup!  Can’t argue with that one.

I just started the second book of a series I’m reading.  Really enjoyed the first book (Outlander), by Diana Gabaldon.  Mya is going to help me with book two:

Well, I thought she was going to read it with me, but she conked out when I told her I was going to read for a bit:

Meanwhile, Boo was raring to go:

I finally won something on Tim Hortons Roll Up the Rim:

I’ve only had four or five coffees since it started, so I can’t really complain.  Kinda wish it said I won the Corolla, but the coffee will be yummy.

Today’s symptoms: Really bad headache today, but my energy level was fairly decent.  The aches and pains were quite tolerable too.  Boo-yah!

Happy Abby

I recently had to put my youngest kitty on anti-depressants.  She’s a very skitty kitty and rarely wanted to be around people.  She also has an intestinal virus in which there is no cure, so that adds to her stress.  These anti-depressants have made such a huge difference.  The kitties often like to run out into the hall, except for Abby.  This was a total shocker the other day:


As usual though, she’s more than happy being snuggly with her sisters.  Like on this day that prevented me from making the bed:

You a little tired there, Boo?

It’s Roll Up The Rim time at Tim Hortons.  There’s an extra roll chance on each cup this year for their 50th anniversary.  The second spot is for a chance to win one of 10 Corollas.  I’ve been doing this in the shops just to mess with people’s minds:

I had to go to the St. Catharines hospital for my annual MRI today.  Fortunately the IV for the dye went quite well.  Just had an IV last Thursday too, for Tysabri:

Happily, that went quite well too.  Regardless, I’m kinda feeling like a pin cushion!

Mike was over this weekend – we watched some shows, played Call of Duty on the xBox, and dined on some amazing Velveeta yumminess.  Little Abby, being much less skitty, decided to join us.  I swear I taught her better than this:

Mya didn’t do much better when she stuck her head into Mike’s glass to have a drink of water:


I’m really hoping for great weather tomorrow.  I was asked to be part of a “talk show” on Women in Aviation at the Waterloo Airport.  I would much rather be able to fly there than drive, so paws crossed for clear skies.

Today’s symptoms: Actually feeling decent today.  My bladder infection is gone, the sinus infection is quite a bit better and my cold has departed.  Life is good!