Yuckola Week

This certainly hasn’t been the best week I’ve ever had.  Although, Sunday was quite good!  I bought Ice Dog hockey tickets through work, so my little mother, Mike and I went to the game at 2:00.  It’s very convenient as the arena is walkable from my apartment.  Here’s the goalie getting taken down:

They did well the first period and I think it was most of the second as well, but then fell apart and ended up losing in the third.  On a bright note, we got to watch the little kids play after each period:

They were so cute!  Especially as a bunch of them fell while they were skating along.

I didn’t do too much Sunday evening as I was starting to feel rather poorly.  It seemed like I was getting yet another bladder infection – less than a month after my last one.  I went to the walk-in clinic on Monday and got some more antibiotics.  Yippee.  This meant I had to cancel my Tysabri infusion for today (mini happy dance!).

While at home, vegging on the couch, little Abby watched over me:

She’s all droopy.  Tee hee!

That night while I was laying in bed, watching TV with the lights out, I looked over and saw this adorable scene between Boo and Mya:

Mya tolerated the licking for about a minute, and then “politely” told Boo to bugger off.

Today my mother, aunt and I went to the Juravinski Hospital in Hamilton for my cystoscope (bladder scope) appointment.  The best part was that I got to wear this sexy ensemble:

Really glad it’s over with.  Feeling rather drained mentally and physically after it.  The fact that I have a bladder infection, sinus infection and am getting a cold is making it a little difficult to deal with things.  Still trying to be positive and happy though!

Today’s symptoms: Energy was decent, but just feeling really lousy.  Not sure how much is the infections and which is MS symptoms.  Really looking forward to going to bed tonight!

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