Early Valentine’s Day


Mike and I had a great day yesterday. I decided to give him an early Valentine’s Day present.  I had a couple places in mind where I wanted to take him but I didn’t want to tell him where we were going.  Place number one was an alpaca farm in Pelham.  I had been to one years ago and it was a rather enjoyable experience.  They are just so darn cute.  With him still not knowing where we were going, we headed out to one in St. Catharines. I drove up to the place but couldn’t see any alpacas.  I had another farm in mind, so I was going to take him to place number two first before heading out to the second alpaca farm. Mike loves pancakes so I decided to take him to White Meadows Farms for breakfast. Neither of us had ever been there before.  We had a great meal in a great atmosphere.

What I didn’t mention earlier is that Mike was really nervous about where we were going.  I guess some of the hints I gave him didn’t really help. Knowing none of this would ever happen, I told him that he could get maimed and hoped he had a good health plan. He was thinking we were going to go cliff diving or something.  After our awesome breakfast, we headed out to the second alpaca farm. It was the one I’d been to two years ago – Moore House Alpaca Farm.  As soon as we came around the corner, there were all the cute little alpacas. Mike was a little surprised that I pulled right into the driveway of the house.  We stood at the fence for a couple minutes looking at the alpacas in the distance.

The owner of the house and farm then came outside.  I asked him if it was okay that we were there and he said absolutely.  He then took us further into the enclosure so we were right up close to the alpacas.  Check out these great pics:

The two blondes:

He was so nice – he stood and talked to us about the alpacas for about ten minutes.  We learned so much.  I’m definitely going to tell a couple of my knitting and crocheting friends where they can get awesome alpaca wool.  The owner coming out and talking to us like that made the experience totally perfect.  We are both so grateful.

Once back home, we continued trying to fix my laptop which broke a couple days ago.

I was really, really tired so I took a little nap:

The weather doesn’t seem too good to fly this weekend. On a bright note, I was able to go up for about an hour and a half on Thursday.  It was the first time I did aerobatics in almost two months. I didn’t think my stomach would handle going for too long but I did aerobatics for almost half an hour.

As usual, my blog wouldn’t be a blog without cute little kitty pictures.  Boo and I held paws:

Abby was googly (as usual):

Pinky is looking lovely and pleasant (for a change):

Mya was warming her paws on the heater:

And Boo was sporting this lovely new look:

I seem to be having a bit of an issue today.  Everything involving technology + moi is going horribly wrong.  My little mother brought my old laptop up to my apartment, while we continued to try and fix my other one.  It was working fine before but now it’s in the same state as the other broken one.  I don’t get it.  Also, Mike and I were out shopping and when we got back into my car, it wouldn’t start and showed my electronic key wasn’t present.  Hello – I just changed the battery and the key was in my pocket.  I’m doing this blog on Mike’s laptop right now and we’re just waiting for it to start smoking….

Today’s symptoms:  Pretty bad headache today but I’m pretty sure that it has to do with not getting too much sleep last night.  My fatigue level is a little less than average, so I’m going to focus on that positive.

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