Could It Get Any Colder???

The rotten weather is still here.  I started to go into flight withdrawal last week so despite the high winds and freezing cold, I headed out to the airport for a flight.  I hummed and hawed once I got there, as the blowing snow didn’t provide very good visibility.  Regardless, I decided to do a few circuits.  After my first take off, I hit circuit altitude of 1300′ before I was over the end of the runway!  The headwind was so strong.  Within a couple minutes, I was around the circuit and ready to land.  Wow, that was….well….fun-ish.  I throttled up and took off again.  By the time I came around for the second landing, the tower gave me the updated winds and they had increased by two knots!  After another “joyous” landing, I decided that was enough.  Back to the hangar I went.  That was one of the shortest flights of my life.  As you can see by this pic, no one else was flying:


That one plane is being pushed back into the hangar – not coming out to play.

Another great reason I went to the airport was to be reunited with Donkay.  Yes, I’m a horrible person – I left him in my plane after my last flight.  Please don’t call FADS (Family and Donkey Services) on me!  Fortunately, my good friend at the airport took him out of my plane and into the warmth of the Flying Club.  This is Donkay meeting the Club cat:

After my flight, my friend Mike, Donkay and myself went for a coffee to warm up at Tim Hortons:


I told Abby about my flight and she shivered at the thought and desperately tried to release herself from my grasp:

Boo on the other paw had her little mouth hanging open as she slept next to us:

Despite the cold, Mike and I decided to wander over to the Market on Friday night to enjoy the Winterfest thing going on there.

There was food and wine to purchase, plus a pretty good live band:

Mike and I sat at a table and had some pizza and a glass of wine.  A few folks joined us.  I was a tad speechless when I heard the woman next to me say she hates vodka.  If I wasn’t still frozen, there probably would have been a little tear trickle down my cheek.  I eventually said something and asked if she really meant that.  It turned out to be a nice chat with a really friendly group of folks.  While I was still blabbing, Mike brought us a piece of sticky toffee pudding.  I don’t think either of us ever had it before.  It was much larger than I thought it was going to be:

Nom nom nom….it was VERY good.  I’m really glad we attended this event.

This weekend, I started to back up some of my old files and stuff that I’ve had on CD’s and DVD’s since I was in university to present.  Wow:

Mike helped me to get all of the other files (tons of them – about 250G off of my now dead external hard drive.  Words of Lizdom: never trust an external hard drive for your really important stuff!  I’m so glad I had a lot of it on DVD’s, as we didn’t think the files on the drive were going to be savable.  I always used to back up my pics and important documents on a few DVD’s and put them in our safety deposit box at the bank.  Silly me hasn’t done that for years.  Needless to say, I’ll be visiting that nice little box at the bank very soon!  Fortunately, Mike was able to extract my files off of the hard drive using his Linux system.  I’ve since bought a 32GB flash drive and put everything on there.  Plus I’m going to create some DVD’s of the most important stuff soon.  Continuing with my Words of Lizdom: Always back up your cherished pictures and documents on a non-mechanical device like a DVD or flash drive, and make extra copies!

So that’s my excitement for the week.  Abby had a thrill of her own when I told her Donkay was back.  She yelled like a little school kitty:

Now they’re sitting pretty:

Today’s symptoms:  I actually had a really good day until later in the afternoon.  Just around 4:00ish, it felt like I was run over by a bus.  The fatigue was really bad, pain everywhere and I just felt altogether lousy.  It’s probably still this bladder and kidney infection, which does seem a lot better than a few days ago. I can’t seem to get warm, either.  Hmph. 


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