I’m A Slacker

I had planned on doing a blog last night but completely forgot. Wasn’t feeling well so we’ll blame it on that.

Had an interesting experience on Saturday night. Mike and I went to visit his sister and family in Stoney Creek. We decided to pick up noms for everyone at the Five Guys restaurant that just opened on Centennial Parkway. There was a guy and his kids behind us in line. While Mike was ordering, he tapped me on the arm and asked if I did a blog. At first I thought he asked if I was blonde. I felt like saying “Duh!”  Then I thought I was going to have to try and convince him that this is my natural hair colour. I asked him to repeat himself and that’s when I realized he said “blog.”  He said his mother is a loyal follower of my blog and that he himself had just seen it with her last week. Small world, eh? His wife took a pic of us and sent it to his mother:


He said that she has seen me in Tim Hortons a few times but has never introduced herself. I’m hoping she does the next time she sees me as I would love to meet her. After that nice meeting, we headed over to Mike’s sister’s house. We had good food and a great chat. When it was time to take the two boys to bed, Chelsea asked us to watch their four month old daughter while she slept on the couch. Big mistake! Chelsea wasn’t half way up the stairs before I started grabbing props. This is the end result:

Love the hair:

Chelsea’s face when she walked into the room was quite priceless. Mind you, knowing Mike and I, she wasn’t overly surprised.

Mike and I watched the second Hobbit movie last week. It was quite good. While he was sipping away on his glass of water, Mya decided she would like a drink too:

How can you get mad at a face like this?

So naughty. Also last week, I had to go to a meeting in Hamilton for the Employee Assistance Program. The two other Referral Agents and I joined up with the RA’s in Hamilton, as our offices have basically amalgamated. It was a very productive m

eeting and I was also able to give a little demonstration on OneNote to the group. At the end, we were presented with this awesome and very yummy cake:

Coming home from that meeting, I had this adorable surprise in my bed:

Pinky was being a little anti-social that day.

Not sure which day it was last week, but I heard sirens stop by.  Yet another large fire nearby:

This is the third large fire I’ve seen from my apartment over the last three years:

Hopefully that was the last one for a long time.

I had an appointment with a urologist today at the Juravinski Hospital in Hamilton.  My neurologist suggested I see if I was a candidate for bladder botox, to lessen/stop the urgency and frequency issues I’ve been having.  This is a very common symptom of MS.  My mother and aunt joined me today.  I met the doctor’s student, followed by the doctor himself.  Both were very nice and I was very comfortable with both of them.  Kinda a good thing since I’m going back on February 20th to have my third cystoscope then hopefully the botox injections.  Paws crossed this works!

Today’s symptoms: Felt pretty good today except some really bad crushing pains in my hands.  My fatigue level was quite tolerable today, which is kinda nice.  Let’s hope for another good day tomorrow!

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