Had a great Christmas – can’t believe it’s over.  I was at work on Christmas Eve until 4:30, at which time Lil’ Jan picked me up.  We headed over to my place, got into our comfy clothes and opened a few pressies.  We then cooked our turkey dinners from Antipastos.  Delicious, as usual.  Jan made an awesome dessert which had Cool Whip.  Abby loves Cool Whip so she came running over as soon as she smelled it (how she can smell Cool Whip is beyond me).


I called the other kittahs for a little lick but no one rushed over.  Pinky wasn’t even remotely interested:

Just like last year, we watched Home Alone after dinner.  Love that movie.

On Christmas morning, everyone had the pleasure of opening pressies, including my four little freaks.  Their grandma even got them each a little stocking:

Even shy little Abby came out to investigate:

Every year I buy Pinky a new catnip rainbow, which is her favourite toy.  She was pretty excited to sniff it out:

Jan and I happily sipped Bailey’s while opening our presents from each other.  We were both quite happy with our newly acquired loot.  Check out this awesome shower curtain and bath mat Jan got me:

After cleaning up, we watched a few shows, finished off our meals from the night before, and Janski headed home before it got dark.  She got me quite a few new tops, so I decided I would get rid of some of my old ones that I haven’t worn in a while.  I filled a garbage bag, then started cleaning/sorting other areas of my apartment.  Well, it kinda turned into an obsession and I was cleaning non-stop from before 5:00 to 10:30pm!  I still can’t believe how much stuff I cleared out.  I threw out a good chunk of stuff plus have a few bags of things to donate.  Spring cleaning done!

Yesterday I walked into my bedroom yesterday and got a rare photo of all four kitties sitting fairly close together:

Could they be any cuter?  I think not!

Flipping back to Christmas – I forgot to mention this in a previous blog.  My mother was in Florida a couple weeks ago, so I went by her house every few days to check on it and water her plants.  I was rather surprised to see that she didn’t put her Christmas tree up this year, so Mike and I decided to do it for her.  Thought it would be rather amusing to put it up in the middle of her bedroom:

We then took this pic and had it put onto a Christmas ornament (through Wal-Mart photo centre):

Now the memory will live forever!

Today’s symptoms:  For the last few nights, I’ve been sleeping quite a bit better.  Feeling pretty good with the extra sleep, just still dealing with bad daily headaches.  My fatigue level has been a bit more tolerable than normal, which has been very nice!

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