Slightly Sickola

Had a pretty decent weekend.  Mike and I went over the river to pick up a package my mother had ordered.  We hit Tops and got some yummy noms.  After that we headed to Jan’s to drop off her item, then back to my place.  We were greeted by some bright-eyed and non-bushy tailed kittahs:


Unfortunately, I woke up rather sickola on Sunday.  Seems like I picked up a bit of a stomach bug as I was sick all morning.  Early in the afternoon, Mike and I were both rather hungry, but I really didn’t have the energy or desire to make anything.  I did, however, go all out and make a big bowl of instant mashed potatoes.  I didn’t even have the drive to put it on plates so out to the couch I went with our lunch in hand:

Grab a spoon and dig in!  Rather gourmet, don’t ya think?

Abby seemed to feel like me that day, as she spent most of the day like this:

Mind you, it could just be because she’s a cat.

We watched Hunger Games in the afternoon and called it an early night.

I had my aviation medical today and I’m happy to report I’m all good to go until next time.  It was my first time with this doctor, as my previous aviation medical doc retired recently.  He was very nice and I’ll certainly have no issues going back to him for my future renewals.  I just hope my token works in the exit machine-thing next time, as I was kinda trapped in the parking lot after my appointment.

Today’s symptoms:  Still not feeling great since my little weekend sickola spell.  However, I feel a little better today than yesterday.  I plan on feeling even better tomorrow.  Hoping to take some vacation time in the afternoon.  Nothing big and exciting to report on the MS front – same ol’ symptoms, different day.  It’s all good though!

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