Awesome Birthday

Had a great week – Thursday was my birthday.  Mike got me some great Disney Plane related merchandise.  Needless to say, I love the main character Dusty, who has a rather similar paint scheme to my plane:

Can’t wait to see the movie again!

Jan gotz me some awesome stuff too, sticking with the orange theme.

Mike took me out to Kelseys for my birthday dinner.  Had an awesome steak dinner and he had a massive hamburger:

When we got home, Boo was posing with my Dusty pillow:

Meanwhile, Pinky decided to knock my hoodie off the dresser and make it into her tent:

My cats are dorks.  Well, I kinda am too.  One night, Abby had her little leg up in the air and was licking her belly.  I wanted to help her out so I held her leg up for her for almost five minutes:

We might as well stick with the cat theme for a bit.  Pinky was really enjoying watching a World’s Dumbest show that was on.  Pawed at the people and cars:

Meanwhile, Boo got all snuggly under her blanket.  Mya decided she would share in her kitty warmth, and joined her:

For my last two birthday’s, I had medical tests done.  Last year was a yucky bladder scope and the year before that was two MRI’s.  I had one done during the work day in Niagara Falls.  When I got back to work, I got a call from the hospital stating they missed a series and I had to go back and get it redone.  This year I was supposed to have my Tysabri infusion.  I said No way! and scheduled it for the next day.  I decided to be a dork and bring in one of my joyous Dusty toys for comfort and comical relief:

Last night there was a pot luck dinner at the St. Catharines Flying Club.  Great turn out, company and noms.  The cat at the Club has clearly got himself ready for winter with around 23 pounds of cat fat:

When we got back to my apartment, Mike and I decided to play some Black Ops on the Xbox.  After a couple rounds, we noticed something that I’ve never seen before.  Pinky and Abby (who are total enemies), sat together on my cable receiver.  I don’t understand how one minute they can get along and the next they’re back-pawing each other:

Another oddity happened at the same time time.  Mya managed to squish herself between the wall and side table:

I tried to coax her out and there was a bit of an incident.  (I discretely covered her naughty bits):


Mike stayed over tonight and after a long day of shopping and Xbox playing, I made him this gourmet, red neck dinner of turkey hot dogs speared with spaghetti:

My mother is so proud of her daughter’s exceptional cooking skills.  Look out, Ramsey!

Today’s symptoms:  Not feeling too bad.  Some more than tolerable aches and pains in my forearms and hands, plus a fairly bad headache, but overall, it was a pretty good day symptom-wise!

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