Tons To Share!

I have so much to write about in this blog.  First, I went for a flight around the area on Wednesday.  Got some nice pics of a boat going through the canal:


It was really nice to be up in the air again.  I hadn’t flown for about three weeks.

Mike and I went to an Ice Dogs hockey game on Saturday.  They were playing Erie (in the dark blue).  There were a few fights:

The Ice Dogs didn’t do too well that night, as I think the final score was 5-0.  Ugh!  That was Mike’s first hockey game ever, so that in itself made it a little more exciting.

When back from the game, some of the kitties got a bath.  Here I am trying to make Abby feel a little better, as baths are not fun (according to my cats):

I was so glad the weather was perfect on Sunday.  During a Bingo Run through the 99′s (female aviation group) this past summer, Mike and I won a few great prizes.  One was an air to air photo by Peter Lubig, a professional aviation photographer.  I was to meet him at an airport up in Barrie, so Mike and I took off from St. Catharines around 8:30 on Sunday morning.

We drank our Timmies on the way:

Finding the small airport was a little tricky, but the runway finally came into view:

Peter flew in around 10:30.  He had his friend (the pilot while Peter took the pics) meet us at the airport before he arrived, which was rather nice.  Peter showed me some of the pics he took recently with his awesome camera:

After discussing how the photo shoot would work, we headed back up.  I took off first and Peter came up behind us on the right:

A little closer…

A little closer…

Hello!  It was so much fun to fly so close to another plane.  It’s much harder than it looks!  Total blast though.  He was shooting for about 20 minutes.  We stayed fairly close to the airport.  After a a few turns and different positions in the air, the photo shoot was done and we parted ways:

I’m so excited to see how the pictures turned out!

There were no washrooms at the Springwater Airport where we took off from, so we decided to land at Brampton to use the facilities and get some noms.  I thought it would be good if Vyctor had a drink too:

Soon after, we took off from the always busy Brampton Airport:

Heading south of Toronto, we noticed a rather large plume of smoke.  Kinda sad to see it was a building – hoping it was just a brush fire:

Getting closer to home, I think some of the fumes from the factories in Hamilton seeped into the plane and subsequently our brains.  We started to feel a little “off”:

Fortunately, the effects didn’t last too long and we safely made it back to St. Catharines:

What an amazing day.  I’ll certainly show my bloggers how the air to air pictures turned out!

Back at my apartment, my kitties all decided that they wanted a drink from the tap in the bathroom.  What the heck?

They’re so weird.  Pinky did something unique when I got home from work today.  She sat on the stuffed sheep and stuck her front paws on the heater:

It’ll be interesting to see if she ever does this again.

Today’s symptoms: Needless to say, I was quite fatigued today after my long but awesome day yesterday.  Typically when the fatigue is worse, so are the rest of the symptoms, such as pains in my hands and arms, headache and just generally feeling blah.  Tomorrow will be better!

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