Month: November 2013

Anniversary Awesomeness

Had some decent weather the other night so I went up for a quick night flight.

I just flew over to Grimsby and did five super quick touch and goes there.  A full circuit usually takes about five minutes to complete, however, I ended up doing all five in less than fifteen minutes.  I was in a bit of a rush as the Flying Club was closing at 6:00 and I took off around 5:10.

I was surprised how busy the QEW was:

And a shot coming back into St. Catharines:

It was a nice flight and I’m all current with my night rating again (need to do six take offs and landings within six months to remain current).

Had a rather nice surprise today.  It was the one year anniversary for Mike and I (clearly he has a high tolerance level!), so he said he was taking me somewhere special.  I had no idea where we were going, just that it was in Toronto.  I had a few ideas of where it was, one of which being Medieval Times.  I had been there about 20 years ago and loved it.  I was so thrilled when I found out that we were going tonight.  Mike bought us awesome seats too – front row in the centre.  I really wish I brought my good camera, but only had my phone.  The pics I took aren’t great – guess we’ll have to go back with the camera.

Here’s a pic of “Sir Richard.”  This dude was awesome – was great at getting the crowd fired up and was quite amusing as well:

For some strange reason (since I love meat), I decided to get the vegetarian noms.  Very good, glad I did.  I swiped some of Mike’s chicken, so at least I got my protein.

We were cheering for the red and yellow dude:

When I was there the first time, they had one “evil” knight (green), but now there are no bad dudes.  Also, I controlled myself this time and didn’t yell “Kill the king!”

The horse demonstrations were amazing (too bad my pictures aren’t):

This fella went airborne:

The horse actually yelled “Weeeeeeee!!!!” while he was in the air!

The show was amazing and we definitely want to go back.  After the show, Mike took my pic with Sir Richard, the King and the Princess:

We got home just after 8:00 tonight and were greeted by four naked ladies in my apartment:

And then Mya decided to stare at the back of the couch.  Dork:

Yup, four weirdos and one Christmas rat:

Tomorrow we’ll be going to breakfast with a bunch of peeps from our Recreational Aircraft Association, then Mike wants to check out some furniture at good ol’ Leons.

Today’s symptoms: For some reason, over the last week I’ve been experiencing much more pain than normal.  It’s all over my whole body too – it literally feels like my bones are being crushed.  I had a little pep talk with my bod and told it I’ve had enough of it’s silliness and to smarten up and feel better by tomorrow.  Geesh.

Awesome Birthday

Had a great week – Thursday was my birthday.  Mike got me some great Disney Plane related merchandise.  Needless to say, I love the main character Dusty, who has a rather similar paint scheme to my plane:

Can’t wait to see the movie again!

Jan gotz me some awesome stuff too, sticking with the orange theme.

Mike took me out to Kelseys for my birthday dinner.  Had an awesome steak dinner and he had a massive hamburger:

When we got home, Boo was posing with my Dusty pillow:

Meanwhile, Pinky decided to knock my hoodie off the dresser and make it into her tent:

My cats are dorks.  Well, I kinda am too.  One night, Abby had her little leg up in the air and was licking her belly.  I wanted to help her out so I held her leg up for her for almost five minutes:

We might as well stick with the cat theme for a bit.  Pinky was really enjoying watching a World’s Dumbest show that was on.  Pawed at the people and cars:

Meanwhile, Boo got all snuggly under her blanket.  Mya decided she would share in her kitty warmth, and joined her:

For my last two birthday’s, I had medical tests done.  Last year was a yucky bladder scope and the year before that was two MRI’s.  I had one done during the work day in Niagara Falls.  When I got back to work, I got a call from the hospital stating they missed a series and I had to go back and get it redone.  This year I was supposed to have my Tysabri infusion.  I said No way! and scheduled it for the next day.  I decided to be a dork and bring in one of my joyous Dusty toys for comfort and comical relief:

Last night there was a pot luck dinner at the St. Catharines Flying Club.  Great turn out, company and noms.  The cat at the Club has clearly got himself ready for winter with around 23 pounds of cat fat:

When we got back to my apartment, Mike and I decided to play some Black Ops on the Xbox.  After a couple rounds, we noticed something that I’ve never seen before.  Pinky and Abby (who are total enemies), sat together on my cable receiver.  I don’t understand how one minute they can get along and the next they’re back-pawing each other:

Another oddity happened at the same time time.  Mya managed to squish herself between the wall and side table:

I tried to coax her out and there was a bit of an incident.  (I discretely covered her naughty bits):


Mike stayed over tonight and after a long day of shopping and Xbox playing, I made him this gourmet, red neck dinner of turkey hot dogs speared with spaghetti:

My mother is so proud of her daughter’s exceptional cooking skills.  Look out, Ramsey!

Today’s symptoms:  Not feeling too bad.  Some more than tolerable aches and pains in my forearms and hands, plus a fairly bad headache, but overall, it was a pretty good day symptom-wise!

Back From Rochester

My little mother and I went shopping in Rochester from Thursday to Saturday.  It’s kinda our annual tradition now.  We stayed at the Holiday Inn near the Marketplace Mall.  As we did last year, we hit that mall on our first day, then over to the Eastview Mall on Friday.  We decided to have a little drinky Thursday night, so went over to the very large liquor store attached to Wegman’s.  Large is an understatement – this is just their vodka section:

Holy Moses, smell the roses!

After our dinner, which was included with the cost of the room, we walked over to a bunch of nearby shops.  Our favourite, The Christmas Tree Shop, was the one we hit first.  This store is like the old Bargain Harolds stores.  It does not just sell Christmas trees, as the name would suggest.  Another nearby store was Five and Under where we picked up a few little goodies.  I can’t really remember what other stores we staggered to that night.

Day two we slept in until about 8:30, then headed down to breakfast.  The one server there was a total firecracker.  She had such an amazing and outgoing personality, kept calling people mama and sugar.  The place was energized by her.

After breakkie, we went over to Eastview Mall.  This one has a few higher end stores, such as Von Maur.  Kinda like a Nordstroms.  In the space in front of the store was high end furniture people could chill on, which surrounded a huge four-sided fireplace.  We knew we were going to look like a pair of country bumpkins going in there, however we decided to have a peek.  We couldn’t even count how many christmas trees were all over the store, plus they had a pianist.  This is the view from the second floor:

Pretty schnazy.

One of the main reasons I love this mall so much is because they have a Buckle, which is my favourite store.  All of their clothes are so unique and blingy.  The guy there was so nice and brought out a new top from the back.  I had just picked up one similar and he thought he would give me another choice.  I told him that I didn’t appreciate his high pressure tactics, than happily took both tops.  I picked out this awesome little number last year, although they didn’t have the right size so they had it ordered and sent to the Buffalo store.  Sweet:

I’m rarely in the mood to buy clothes, but I can’t walk out of that store empty-pawed.

After all of the excitement of the new clothes, we decided to get a couple cookies to boost our sugar.  How cute is this?


My mother and I both noticed the big black circles under my eyes.  The worse my MS symptoms are, the worse they get.  It hasn’t helped having a sinus infection either.  Jan suggested I go into the Sephora store and ask someone what I could do to lessen them, or at least give me a paper bag to put over my head.  We were greeted by Amelia, who said she had a great product for my puffy, dark under-eyes.  I figured I would humour both her and my mother, as I really didn’t think anything would help.  She put Organics GinZing under my eyes.  I felt bad as I kept pulling back – the feeling of someone touching me that close to my eyeballs really creeped me out.  Anyway, after she was done, I turned to my mother and she couldn’t believe the difference.  Still totally skeptical, I checked it out for myself.  Wow!  This stuff is amazing!  It’s going to be nice to not always look as sick as I feel, at least under my eyes!

With my fresh new look, Jan and I headed over to a pet store.  Probably not a good idea since I fell in love with a few little cuties, such as her:

We were kinda disappointed when we found out that the included dinner at the hotel was only Monday – Thursday, so we had to go find our own noms.  We headed over to Wegmans and got some really good food.  Neither my mother or I wanted to eat on the bed, and there was only one chair at the desk in the room, so I just stood in front of the TV whilst nomming:

Once done our food and a couple drinks, we walked back over to the plaza nearby to visit some more stores.  We hit the Christmas Tree Shop again and that is where I spelled out Boo’s name with bottles of oil and vinegar.  It was a little tribute to her upcoming 6th birthday on November 28:

I kinda wish she was born a week earlier so we would have the same birthday.

I did something a little silly in the store (shocking, I know!).  Just as I was walking by a phone on the wall, it rang.  I instantly picked it up and said hello.  The guy asked if “we” sold Christmas photo albums there and I replied “I’m pretty sure we do!”  He said thanks and I said you’re welcome and Merry Christmas!  Hmmmm….I really hope they do sell them so the poor guy doesn’t make a trip there for nothing!

On Saturday, we figured out which big box stores we would hit before heading home.  I still wanted to find the Disney Planes Dusty slippers I saw online.  I was hoping I could manage to get my size 8 feet into the largest boys size they had, but I was sorely disappointed:

That was the only thing I wanted to get during this trip that didn’t work out.  Fortunately, buying this stuffed Dusty helped with the mourning process:

It was a really great trip, although exhausting.  Mike asked me to meet up with him and his friends Saturday night to go to the Mandarin.  I wasn’t positive if I would have enough energy to go, but I made it.  It was great meeting his friends.  And of course, the Mandarin is always great.  For Mike’s final plate of food, he headed to the dessert section.  I told him he needed another scoop of their awesome mashed potatoes so I plunked them and a lone noodle on his plate:

Nothing more appetizing than cake, a nanaimo bar, cheesecake, mashed potatoes and a noodle!

We went out to breakfast this morning with a group of folks from our Recreational Aircraft Association.  We meet at Iggy’s, a great little restaurant in Fonthill.  The waitress was amazing and knew everyone’s usual noms, right down to white or brown toast and how they liked their bacon!

Today’s symptoms:  Not surprising at all, I was very fatigued and weak today.  Understandable after all the excitement over the last few days.  I’m sure I’ll have more energy and strength tomorrow.



For some reason, my eldest and tiniest (5 pounds) cat is being a bit of a bully.  I know she likes warm spots, but it’s kinda mean to bite your sister’s bum to take over her spot.  Boo also sleeps on the couch and for some reason, Mya keeps taking her place.  She was sitting on Boo when I came home today:

As you can tell, Boo wasn’t amused.  Sticking with the bully theme, I was kinda one last night.  We were at our monthly RAA meeting and had just done the 50/50 drive.  Mike dropped the can with all the tickets.  He just about had them all picked up…

Then I “accidentally” kicked the can over:

Tee hee!

Oh and this weekend we went to the mall and Mike was trying on some pants.  I “accidentally” moved a cart in front of his fitting room door:

Wow – I’ve learned a lot from my bully kitty!

Didn’t do too much over the last week.  I’ve been dealing with a pretty bad sinus infection but the new meds I was prescribed are starting to kick in.  I’ve basically been chilling at home lately.  Mike and I watched a movie while I was chillin’ the other night.  We both strongly recommend the Haunting in Connecticut.  I think I liked it even better than the Conjouring and Insidious.  Since it was a rather spooky movie, we didn’t really want the kids to see it.  Mike kept Abby busy during the scary scenes, by showing her a fly on my lamp:

Today’s symptoms: Felt pretty lousy today and had to go home early.  Lots of aches and pains plus the sinus headache. 


Tons To Share!

I have so much to write about in this blog.  First, I went for a flight around the area on Wednesday.  Got some nice pics of a boat going through the canal:


It was really nice to be up in the air again.  I hadn’t flown for about three weeks.

Mike and I went to an Ice Dogs hockey game on Saturday.  They were playing Erie (in the dark blue).  There were a few fights:

The Ice Dogs didn’t do too well that night, as I think the final score was 5-0.  Ugh!  That was Mike’s first hockey game ever, so that in itself made it a little more exciting.

When back from the game, some of the kitties got a bath.  Here I am trying to make Abby feel a little better, as baths are not fun (according to my cats):

I was so glad the weather was perfect on Sunday.  During a Bingo Run through the 99′s (female aviation group) this past summer, Mike and I won a few great prizes.  One was an air to air photo by Peter Lubig, a professional aviation photographer.  I was to meet him at an airport up in Barrie, so Mike and I took off from St. Catharines around 8:30 on Sunday morning.

We drank our Timmies on the way:

Finding the small airport was a little tricky, but the runway finally came into view:

Peter flew in around 10:30.  He had his friend (the pilot while Peter took the pics) meet us at the airport before he arrived, which was rather nice.  Peter showed me some of the pics he took recently with his awesome camera:

After discussing how the photo shoot would work, we headed back up.  I took off first and Peter came up behind us on the right:

A little closer…

A little closer…

Hello!  It was so much fun to fly so close to another plane.  It’s much harder than it looks!  Total blast though.  He was shooting for about 20 minutes.  We stayed fairly close to the airport.  After a a few turns and different positions in the air, the photo shoot was done and we parted ways:

I’m so excited to see how the pictures turned out!

There were no washrooms at the Springwater Airport where we took off from, so we decided to land at Brampton to use the facilities and get some noms.  I thought it would be good if Vyctor had a drink too:

Soon after, we took off from the always busy Brampton Airport:

Heading south of Toronto, we noticed a rather large plume of smoke.  Kinda sad to see it was a building – hoping it was just a brush fire:

Getting closer to home, I think some of the fumes from the factories in Hamilton seeped into the plane and subsequently our brains.  We started to feel a little “off”:

Fortunately, the effects didn’t last too long and we safely made it back to St. Catharines:

What an amazing day.  I’ll certainly show my bloggers how the air to air pictures turned out!

Back at my apartment, my kitties all decided that they wanted a drink from the tap in the bathroom.  What the heck?

They’re so weird.  Pinky did something unique when I got home from work today.  She sat on the stuffed sheep and stuck her front paws on the heater:

It’ll be interesting to see if she ever does this again.

Today’s symptoms: Needless to say, I was quite fatigued today after my long but awesome day yesterday.  Typically when the fatigue is worse, so are the rest of the symptoms, such as pains in my hands and arms, headache and just generally feeling blah.  Tomorrow will be better!