Well I survived my surgery yesterday.  I had pre-op on Tuesday at the amazing new St. Catharines General Hospital.  Wow, is it ever nice!  Huge difference from the antiquated old hospital.

Yesterday, Mike took me over to the hospital for 12:45.  My surgery was scheduled for 2:45.  I was brought into the pre-op area within about 10 minutes.  The nurses were so nice – I’m sure working in the updated hospital is a bit of a morale booster too.  Mike was brought over to my bed once I got changed into a sexy gown and answered some questions from the nurses.  I was a little nervous about getting the IV in my hand, since it usually doesn’t go too well there.  It’s weird – I get at least one IV a month (probably had over 50 in my life) and yet I still get a little nervous about them.  No need to be nervous this time because the nurse did it perfectly.  What a relief!  After I was hooked up, she took this lovely picture of Mike and I in our sexy hats:

photo 1

Mike sat with me for over an hour until I was whisked off to the operating room.  Needless to say, we acted like goofs the entire time.  Since I wasn’t wearing any makeup, I thought it would be beneficial for everyone around me to don my hat in a different way:

I noticed there was a little pocket on my gown.  I was hoping the nurse put a little treat in there for me, since I hadn’t eaten since 9:00 the previous night.  I was shocked (and a little disturbed) when I looked into the pocket which wasn’t really a pocket.  Let’s just say I made eye contact with a usually covered part of my anatomy.  I was so distraught at the disturbing scene, I asked the nurse for some tape to close the pocket:

photo 2

Ok, so I’m a tad weird.

The surgery went well as did waking up in recovery.  Mike was brought over when I was brought to the second recovery room.   The nurses were great – very caring and accommodating.  Regardless, I was pretty happy to be heading back home.

Today I’m just dealing with a fair amount of pain and discomfort.  It’ll be worth it though.

I brought Mike’s hat home.  Pinky has a new favourite toy:

She’s so weird.

All of the goobers except for Mya enjoyed sunning out on the balcony.  Better enjoy it before the cold weather hits us:

Today’s symptoms:  Not too sure how much of today’s fatigue is from the surgery or the MS.  Just achy and feeling blah, but I’m sure I’ll be much better after resting this weekend. 


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