Weekend Continued

Continuing with yesterday’s blog…..

 We had a great day in Edenvale on Saturday.  I had more flying to do on Sunday.  I took up someone for an aerobatic flight at 10:00.  He loved it!  I’m sure he’s going to love the video I took from my wing strut camera too.  Mike met me at the airport after the flight and after fueling the plane, we headed to Tillsonburg to meet up with a couple pilot friends.  They both flew in separately.  Here’s Donkay and I as we were in the circuit to land:

We were the first of the three planes in our party to land, as we left St. Catharines first:

Soon after we parked, in came plane number two:

While number three flew overhead the field:

A Harvard headed out to the runway to take off:

We had a great meal at the cafe in the terminal building – they always have good noms there.  After partaking in good food and conversation, we headed back out to our planes:

It was a nice flight back to St. Catharines.  That was my third flight (well, technically fifth flight, since twice I had to fly there and back) in two days and I had another one planned for the next day.  Mind you, it was just to Welland for our monthly RAA meeting.  The weather was decent, although a little windy.  I was surprised that I was the only one to fly in that day:

Some yummy hot dogs were made:

About 28 of us showed up.  Everyone had a good chat.  Unfortunately, I had to leave before 8:00pm so I could get my plane back in the hangar before the St. Catharines Flying Club closed up for the night.

The next day, I woke up to this rather amusing scene:

Yup, a line of naked cats in my bed.  What could possibly be better?  Life is good!

Today’s symptoms:  Felt pretty good today.  My energy level was better than yesterday, although I had some pretty intense MS related pains in my forearms.  I’ve decided I’m not going to have any tomorrow.  Sounds like a plan, eh?


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