Back to Edenvale

Had another great weekend.  I flew Mike and I up to Edenvale, where I just was a few weeks earlier to give a presentation.  It took a little over an hour to get there – we left around 9:00.  It was their annual Gathering of the Classics.  I’ve been once before. 

I was number seven in the circuit to land.  There are always tons of planes flying into this event.  Number six in front of me was a Harvard:

Here it is after we touched down:

The event started at 10:00 but there were already tons of folks there:

We wandered around and checked out the other aircraft, including the B25 Mitchell:

Then we checked out the classic cars.  Of course, I had to match up the tattoo of my plane with this nice orange car:

A helicopter was flying around, giving rides.  Almost looked like it was landing on the Harvard in this shot:

I couldn’t believe that we stayed there for about three hours.  Heading back to the plane, we noticed folks walking by, checking out Vyctor.  We wrote out the specifics of the plane on a poster that hung off the prop.  Kinda neat to see where everyone was from and a little background on the planes:

Before starting up the plane, we got a marshaller to guide us out to the runway:

Kinda neat to see the Mitchell taxi by!

Of course, I did the queen wave as we taxied by all of the on-lookers.  Once out to the runway, we had a few planes in front of us to wait to take off.  When it was my turn, the view we left behind of the event was awesome:

What a great day!  Tiring, but totally worth it.

I’m going to have to continue this blog tomorrow, as I have more to share about the weekend.  Stay tuned as the saga continues!

Today’s symptoms: Not too bad today – just a not so pleasant headache and the fatigue hit around noonish.  Made it through the work day though.

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