Over The Falls

We took advantage of the great weather this weekend and went for a flight on Saturday.  Mike and I drove out to the airport early afternoon and took to the skies.  Our first “stop” was over Niagara Falls.  I never get sick of of seeing it:

As it was a holiday weekend, the bridge traffic to and from the States was insane:

So glad we weren’t a part of it!

After a few circuits over the Falls, I took Mike to one of my favourite places to fly – over the Lake Erie shoreline.  Lots of folks out on the beaches and cruising around on jet skies and boats:

I think this is in a blog from a year or two ago – Mike got a better picture of it than I did:

Not sure if it’s a floating trampoline or what!

I think this waterpark was close to or in Sherkston:

After flying over the shoreline, we headed back to St. Catharines:

We were starting to get a tad hungry so decided to head out for noms after landing:

Fortunately the weather the following day was also great.  I took up someone for aerobatics last November and he really wanted to go again.  We met at the airport just before 10:00.  Mike came along too so he could watch the show and take some video of my maneuvers.  Before taking off, I set my Go Pro camera to get video of the flight:

We did some aerobatics over the airport, then headed over for a quick tour of Niagara Falls.  It was a really nice flight.  My passenger is quite a trooper and already looking forward to our next flight!

I have yet another aerobatic flight planned during my day off on Thursday.  I took up a friend of my brother’s a few months ago.  A friend of his saw pics and video of Kevin’s flight and left a comment on his Facebook.  I responded by offering him the same experience Kevin had.  Hope he enjoys it as much as his friend did!

Today’s symptoms: My energy level was average today.  I did need to take something in the afternoon to help me get through the rest of the day.  Unfortunately, for the last few hours I’ve been dealing with one of the worst non-sinus related headaches I’ve had in long time.  Kinda looking forward to taking something to take the edge off before I go to bed tonight. 


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