Month: August 2013

Kittah Stash Unveiled….

Well that was an interesting couple hours.  I was at my boyfriend’s last night and his parents just got back from Europe.  They brought me back the most gorgeous earrings, decadent fudge and the cutest key chain ever!  At first I thought it was a shoe for my mother, since it’s about her size:

I had everything in a bag to bring home.  After work today, I took everything out and tidied up a bit.  I almost died when I couldn’t find my shoe!  I literally spent hours tearing my whole apartment apart.  Mike was searching at home too.  I eventually looked behind the cat cubby next to the couch and I found Boo’s stash.  Holy Moses, smell the roses!  Check this out:

My little orange shoe!!!  I’m so happy!  Mind you, I realize now that my kittah has an issue.  Too bad the show Hoarders is no longer on – I have the perfect candidate for an episode!

The face of innocence?  I think not…

Anyway, back to the dinner at Mike’s.  As usual, his cats were being typical goobers.  Here’s little Sammy:

And of course, Coco, who loves to stare:

Little cuties.  The dinner his mom made was amazing (as her meals always are).  She made chocolate cake from scratch too:

Certainly went home with a full belly and a smile on my face.

Had my Tysabri infusion last week.  I met up with someone that was there in July, also getting her joyous infusion.  She said she watches me fly over the Walk for MS every year in Welland.  They have the largest team in Niagara:

Loved her tattoo:

Got to see this familiar plane on her iPad:

Sweet!!  So nice to meet her – hope to see her again next month!  Hoping she’ll join me for a flight some day too!

Mike and I went to a restaurant that I’ve wanted to go to for years now.  There is a Cora’s in Niagara Falls and St. Catharines.  I love fruit – this place is infamous for their amazing fruit creations.  Here are my breakfast noms:

And Mike’s:

Wow, the food was amazing.  I wouldn’t even hesitate to go back there again.  It was a huge breakkie but so healthy!

Today’s symptoms: Typical fatigue that kicked in around noon and steadily progressed.  Made it through the whole day at work though.  Just dealing with a bad headache, but that’s about it on the pain front today.  Yea!

Amazing Product

My aunt saw something really cool on TV.  I think she knows how anal I am about cleaning my windows.  I can’t stand streaks and will literally spend hours cleaning them so they are streak-free.  Well, I no longer have to worry about that.  Introducing the Karcher Window Vac.  I checked out the reviews and they are great!  Still, I was a tad skeptical – those people just aren’t as particular about window cleaning as I am.  My mother and my aunt went over to Canadian Tire last week and asked if the new window vac had come in yet.  They said they were just unloading them at that time.  That brought one out for them:

I spritzed a window with Windex and put the vacuum to it.  Was I really seeing what I was seeing?  The window was perfectly clean and NO streaks!  I figured the lighting was just bad and I would try it again and see all of the streaks the next day.  Well, in full sunlight, the window was perfect.  The window vac is amazing – it actually took longer to put all of my windows back in the tracks than it did to clean them!  Thanks Jan and Syd!

Boo was pretty underwhelmed with my great news about my clean windows.  She just flopped on her back next to me, and proceeded to gnaw on her tail in this rather lewd pose:

Mike and I had a good weekend.  On Saturday, we flew the grueling nine minutes to Welland for a COPA breakfast.  About twenty planes flew in plus quite a few drove in.  Great attendance and a yummola breakkie.  The skydive club is now at the Welland Airport, so we all got to watch bodies tumble from the sky.

Kinda cool.  I did four jumps back when I was in the Army – quite fun!

After we flew back, I dropped Mike off and he set up the tripod and camera to video me doing some aerobatics.  They turned out pretty well but we need to tweak a few things.

On Sunday, Mike and I walked downtown and attended Buskerfest.  We stopped at Tim Hortons first where we could watch one of the performers:

He was on an insanely tall unicycle, spinning whips around that were lit on fire.  Crazy!

I saw something behind Mike that I knew was going to cause the biggest grin ever.  He LOVES cheesecake and the stand out front of Timmies had deep fried cheesecake.  Mike said he was going to get a donut and I said he might want to reconsider.  I then pointed out the sign behind him with the cheesecake.  Yup, game over!

We were both shocked at the size of the piece of cheesecake they dunked into the fryer – it was a full-sized piece!

I’m not a big cheesecake fan, but this was pretty good.  I had a couple little nibbles.  Slurp!

It was a really good weekend.  I have more flights planned next weekend, plus Mike and I will be flying out to a private runway near Fort Erie in two days for a monthly gathering.

Today’s symptoms:  After how fatigued I was yesterday, I was actually quite surprised how much better my energy was today.  Had really bad spasms in my calves though.  Bad timing – I walked all the way home from work and realized I forgot my keys.  Had to walk all the way back to work and home again.  Didn’t feel too good but it was good exercise!

Weekend Continued

Continuing with yesterday’s blog…..

 We had a great day in Edenvale on Saturday.  I had more flying to do on Sunday.  I took up someone for an aerobatic flight at 10:00.  He loved it!  I’m sure he’s going to love the video I took from my wing strut camera too.  Mike met me at the airport after the flight and after fueling the plane, we headed to Tillsonburg to meet up with a couple pilot friends.  They both flew in separately.  Here’s Donkay and I as we were in the circuit to land:

We were the first of the three planes in our party to land, as we left St. Catharines first:

Soon after we parked, in came plane number two:

While number three flew overhead the field:

A Harvard headed out to the runway to take off:

We had a great meal at the cafe in the terminal building – they always have good noms there.  After partaking in good food and conversation, we headed back out to our planes:

It was a nice flight back to St. Catharines.  That was my third flight (well, technically fifth flight, since twice I had to fly there and back) in two days and I had another one planned for the next day.  Mind you, it was just to Welland for our monthly RAA meeting.  The weather was decent, although a little windy.  I was surprised that I was the only one to fly in that day:

Some yummy hot dogs were made:

About 28 of us showed up.  Everyone had a good chat.  Unfortunately, I had to leave before 8:00pm so I could get my plane back in the hangar before the St. Catharines Flying Club closed up for the night.

The next day, I woke up to this rather amusing scene:

Yup, a line of naked cats in my bed.  What could possibly be better?  Life is good!

Today’s symptoms:  Felt pretty good today.  My energy level was better than yesterday, although I had some pretty intense MS related pains in my forearms.  I’ve decided I’m not going to have any tomorrow.  Sounds like a plan, eh?


Back to Edenvale

Had another great weekend.  I flew Mike and I up to Edenvale, where I just was a few weeks earlier to give a presentation.  It took a little over an hour to get there – we left around 9:00.  It was their annual Gathering of the Classics.  I’ve been once before. 

I was number seven in the circuit to land.  There are always tons of planes flying into this event.  Number six in front of me was a Harvard:

Here it is after we touched down:

The event started at 10:00 but there were already tons of folks there:

We wandered around and checked out the other aircraft, including the B25 Mitchell:

Then we checked out the classic cars.  Of course, I had to match up the tattoo of my plane with this nice orange car:

A helicopter was flying around, giving rides.  Almost looked like it was landing on the Harvard in this shot:

I couldn’t believe that we stayed there for about three hours.  Heading back to the plane, we noticed folks walking by, checking out Vyctor.  We wrote out the specifics of the plane on a poster that hung off the prop.  Kinda neat to see where everyone was from and a little background on the planes:

Before starting up the plane, we got a marshaller to guide us out to the runway:

Kinda neat to see the Mitchell taxi by!

Of course, I did the queen wave as we taxied by all of the on-lookers.  Once out to the runway, we had a few planes in front of us to wait to take off.  When it was my turn, the view we left behind of the event was awesome:

What a great day!  Tiring, but totally worth it.

I’m going to have to continue this blog tomorrow, as I have more to share about the weekend.  Stay tuned as the saga continues!

Today’s symptoms: Not too bad today – just a not so pleasant headache and the fatigue hit around noonish.  Made it through the work day though.

Over The Falls

We took advantage of the great weather this weekend and went for a flight on Saturday.  Mike and I drove out to the airport early afternoon and took to the skies.  Our first “stop” was over Niagara Falls.  I never get sick of of seeing it:

As it was a holiday weekend, the bridge traffic to and from the States was insane:

So glad we weren’t a part of it!

After a few circuits over the Falls, I took Mike to one of my favourite places to fly – over the Lake Erie shoreline.  Lots of folks out on the beaches and cruising around on jet skies and boats:

I think this is in a blog from a year or two ago – Mike got a better picture of it than I did:

Not sure if it’s a floating trampoline or what!

I think this waterpark was close to or in Sherkston:

After flying over the shoreline, we headed back to St. Catharines:

We were starting to get a tad hungry so decided to head out for noms after landing:

Fortunately the weather the following day was also great.  I took up someone for aerobatics last November and he really wanted to go again.  We met at the airport just before 10:00.  Mike came along too so he could watch the show and take some video of my maneuvers.  Before taking off, I set my Go Pro camera to get video of the flight:

We did some aerobatics over the airport, then headed over for a quick tour of Niagara Falls.  It was a really nice flight.  My passenger is quite a trooper and already looking forward to our next flight!

I have yet another aerobatic flight planned during my day off on Thursday.  I took up a friend of my brother’s a few months ago.  A friend of his saw pics and video of Kevin’s flight and left a comment on his Facebook.  I responded by offering him the same experience Kevin had.  Hope he enjoys it as much as his friend did!

Today’s symptoms: My energy level was average today.  I did need to take something in the afternoon to help me get through the rest of the day.  Unfortunately, for the last few hours I’ve been dealing with one of the worst non-sinus related headaches I’ve had in long time.  Kinda looking forward to taking something to take the edge off before I go to bed tonight.