Good End to the Week

My awesome week last week continued.  I took Thursday off and Jan and I went to Walden Galleria in Buffalo.  On the way to Timmies for a coffee, we passed the biggest bags of popcorn I’ve ever seen:

As tempted as we were to buy one, we decided against it.  After visiting Tim Hortons, we headed to a slew of stores.  Jan browsed one of her favourite stores while I took a pic of this sign:

So I guess I can no longer make fun of Jan’s “size.”  I’ll now have to switch over to making fun of her “Proportion.”

We had a very successful shopping session!

That evening, I drove over to my friend’s house and we then headed to the Niagara Passions event I won tickets for from 105.7 EZ Rock.  We arrived soon after it started at 6:30.  There were already a ton of people there.  We grabbed some wine and noms from a few vendors and sat down:

Everything was great.  We met up with someone from work, who told us which other vendors we needed to visit – essentially all of them:

The restaurants at the venue were all amazing – I don’t think there is one I wouldn’t go to after trying their food.

I met up with one of our Recreational Aircraft Association folks, who is the Town Crier for Port Colborne:

Nice of him to let me wear his hat!

I also ran into a huge coffee bean, which many people thought was a naked M&M:

We wandered around for a couple hours, then headed out.  At the exit, there was some beaded items for sale.  Laura bought a really neat ring and I found this awesome key chain that looks just like the pitot static cover I use on my plane:

Since I’ve got it home, I can’t find it.  One of my kittahs must have hid it.

I haven’t been feeling too well this week and actually went home about three and a half hours early today.  After a long nap, I got up and gave three of my four kitties a bath.  My friend, her god daughter, her son and his girlfriend are coming over tomorrow to meet them.  As usual, little Mya didn’t need to be cleaned (she’s so posh!).  I didn’t get a pic of Pinky, who was first, but here’s number two – little Boo:

And clean little Abby:

Don’t they look ever so amused!

The weather isn’t looking good at all for the next two days.  This really sucks because I have two aerobatic flights planned.  Paws crossed the forecasters are wrong (as they often are!)

Today’s symptoms: Felt really weak and fatigued.  Tons of pain all over.  I tried to last at work as long as I could, but soon after 1:00, I wasn’t even functional anymore.  Tomorrow will be much better, which I’m really looking forward to.


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