Joyous Monday

For most of the summer, the weekends have seemed to go by rather slowly (which, of course is great!)  This past weekend went by fairly quickly though.  How did it get to be Monday already?

Last Thursday I was off on compressed.  The weather was decent so I decided to go for a flight.  Still trying to teach myself a barrel roll.  I’m really not sure if I’m doing it right – it just seems too easy so I think I’m missing something.  I even radioed the tower and asked them to compare my loop to my attempt at a barrel roll.  He replied they both look crazy!  Perhaps I can go up again this week and try it in front of another set of eyes.  Regardless, I had an amazing flight.  I did aerobatics for over 45 minutes.  Eventually, my stomach started to hint that it had enough so I left the area of the airport and headed toward the south.  I flew along the Lake Erie shoreline and passed by all of the beach goers and boaters:

I had quite a few people wave at me, so of course I tipped my wings back at them.  It was great fun.  After, I headed over to my aviation mechanic’s place (he has his own grass strip).  I just wanted him to look at something minor.  I was greeted by one of his dogs once I landed:

We checked out my plane and chatted for a bit.  Then it was time to head back to the airport:

Perfect day for a nice long flight.

Later that night, Abby decided to  show me her high beams:

Mike, his mother, my mother and I all decided to go out for dinner again.  We had a typical great meal at Kelsey’s – one of my favourite restaurants.  Once back home, we noticed this convenient little table in the elevator.  How nice:

Perhaps there will be a sofa and/or mini fridge next.

Back in my apartment, I opened the balcony door to let the kittahs enjoy what was left of the sun.  Does the weirdness ever cease around here?

Friday was quite fun – they had a back bacon night at the St. Catharines Flying Club.  The food was so good.  As usual, so was the company.  Here I am with my good friend and boyfriend.  Stereo Mikes:

This weekend I was having some issues with my iPhone, so I brought it into Future Shop to have them look at it.  They brought up my warranty information on their system.  It showed that there was an issue.  I ended up having to phone the insurance company (third party, not actually Future Shop).  The call didn’t go all that well.  The next day I phoned Future Shop back and explained the situation.  A customer service personage ended up calling the insurance company back for me and had a lengthy conversation with them.  I went back to the store today and he called them back and had yet another long conversation.  I felt so bad for how long he was on the phone.  He went above and beyond what he needed to do to help me – I’m so appreciative.  One of the many reasons Future Shop is one of my favourite stores!

Today’s symptoms:  I actually had a decent day today.  Had some severe MS pains in my forearms – some actually made me jump!  Other than that, had a decent day symptom-wise.  Yea!

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