First Fly-In

I had my first fly-in of the season this weekend.  I flew Mike and I to the Sexsmith Airport in Exeter on Sunday.  The weather was absolutely perfect for the hour and fifteen minute flight to the west:
It took me some serious studying to try and find the grass strip airport, but I spotted it when I was about five miles away.  There were already dozens of planes there:

I LOVE landing on grass:

I was at this airport last year to give a “motivational” type presentation.  I was really looking forward to seeing Tom from COPA 177 again.  We’ve kept in touch over email since then.  Look who was there to flag us to our parking spot – Tom!

We had to park way at the end of the other runway, which was kinda cool as we got to check out all of the other planes there:

I was shocked that I was the only one with a rubber chicken hanging off my pitot static tube.  Weird! 

I ran into quite a few folks I met when I was there giving the presentation.  It was nice to be recognized!  Mike and I grabbed some yummy breakfast while chatting with the fellow pilots.  Quite good!  I was hoping some other folks from our Recreational Aircraft Association would have flown in as well, but we didn’t see anyone.

After nomming, we wandered around and checked out some of the other planes:

Some folks were still coming in:

I got a couple pics with Tom, who gave me a little trivia – Exeter, Ontario is known for their white squirrels!

He assured me they were not albinos!

After saying farewell, Mike and I headed back to Vyctor.  As we taxied over to the runway, we waved farewell to Sexsmith:

We are going camping at the Pinery Provincial Park later this week, which ironically was less than a 10 minute flight away from Sexsmith.  We decided to fly over and check it out:

Kinda neat to see it from the air, knowing we would be going there a few days later.

It was a nice flight back to St. Catharines – still very clear.  Here we are, coming in to land:

Amazing day!  What a great way to start off the fly-in season!  There are many more to look forward to over the next few months.

Today’s symptoms: Felt pretty good today except for a fairly bad headache and some bad aches and pains in my arms, plus the dreaded MS hug.  Ugh!

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