Awesome Weekend

As you may recall from my previous blog, someone said goodbye to me over the radio while I was leaving Hamilton Airspace.  He said I would find out who it was at work the next day.  Well, I had to go up front to see a taxpayer and when I came back to my desk, I saw this note:

Ah, the plot thickens!  It turns out it was a fellow pilot who works upstairs – she was on a flight with a friend (flight instructor and examiner) and he was doing the radio work while she flew.  She recognized my voice so he decided to play with my mind a tad.  Well done!  I would have never guessed!  Just so glad she was kind enough to end the mystery!

Had a great day on Saturday.  Mike and I went over to Buffalo to go to the Eastern Hills Mall.  We also had to pick up a package I ordered.  Before heading over, we decided to get breakkie at IHOP.  Donkey joined us:

Mike ordered these awesome red velvet pancakes:

Then we headed to the States.  The wait on the three main bridges was 1-2 hours.  Thank goodness for Nexus!  I think we had to wait about five minutes!

We visited a pet store while there and saw a pet for sale that I’ve never seen before (at least as a pet!)  Little prairie dogs:

We hit a liquidation store once back in Canada.  I saw this sign and instantly thought of my little mother:

Had another great day on Sunday.  I went over to Mike’s for dinner.  As usual, little Coco stared at me:

Here’s my view:

He’s so cute – all four of his kittahs are adorable.  Here’s little Blue trying to help himself to one of Mike’s ribs:

After dinner (which was awesome!), we headed back to my place, killed some time then out to the airport.  He’s never flown over fireworks before so I figured I’d give him the experience.  We took off just before 9:00pm and headed toward Welland.  There were tons of little private shows all over the place, but we wanted the big one.  We circled for over ten minutes and no big show.  We decided to head back to Port Dalhousie.  A few minutes after we got there, the fireworks in Welland started.  Ugh!  There wasn’t a big show in Port D, but still lots of smaller shows to keep us entertained.  Once back on the ground, we tied down little Vyctor for the night:

He’s happily back in the hangar now, and will probably stay there until the weekend.  I’m hoping to fly to Sexsmith Airport Sunday morning for a fly-in breakfast.  That is where I did a motivational talk/presentation for COPA Flight 177 last year.

Today’s symptoms:  I felt fairly decent now that I’m sleeping well.  Unfortunately this morning, I took a pill that I forgot I was only supposed to take at night.  I soon found out why – I was soooooo drowsy.  I can’t believe I made it through the whole day.  Oops!  Still experiencing a pretty bad headache and MS aches and pains in my forearms.

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