Great Day Off

It was my compressed day off today and the weather was perfect, so I’m sure you know what I did.  My little mother hasn’t flown with me since before Christmas.  We flew out to Brantford this morning for breakfast.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t the smoothest flight there, so Jan was a tad stressed.  At least breakkie made her feel a bit better:

The two cups of coffee helped too.  Plus we got to look at cute little Vyctor just outside:

Also got to see these beauties that were taking kids with vision and/or hearing issues to Ottawa:

Another one landed just as we left, and there was one more on the way.

Had such a neat experience in the bathroom at the airport, of all places!  Jan and I were just about to leave when a woman walked in and said “It is you!”  She said that she follows my blog religiously.  I was so flattered, I didn’t even ask her where she was from.  Duh!  I’m horrible with names, but I think she said Tracy.  If you’re reading this, I would love to hear from you!  Feel free to email me at !

Had another interesting experience on the flight home.  I was just clearing the Hamilton control zone and I’m not sure if it was someone in the Tower or another pilot, but he said “Bye Elizabeth!”  What the heck???  After a brief pause, I asked who had said that.  He said that I would find out at the office tomorrow.  I’m so confused!  I have no clue who it was.  Kinda looking forward to finding out on Friday!

When we landed, we saw this cute coyote on the edge of the runway:

We went back to my place and Jan waxed the floor in my dining room – She’s awesome!  I made a pretty big batch of beef jerky.  It smells SO good in my apartment.  It’s been going for about four hours now.  Should be at least another three or so:

Today’s symptoms: Feeling pretty good.  Still dealing with a fairly bad headache, but more than tolerable.  My hands were a bit more shaky than normal.

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